Mann-Filter HU 718/5 X


The filter does not include metal.

The structure of the pleats makes it very effective for all of the time it is in use.

It can be removed easily.


What is the micron rating of this filter?

The rating is 40 mc.

What does that even mean?

It means, generally speaking, that the filter will keep out microns of 40 mc or larger.

How big is a micron?

A normal micron is .00004 inches.

So.. If we are talking about 40 mc then what is the size we are talking about anyway?

A human hair is 75 microns according to a few sites across the internet. We assume they mean diameter because, obviously, human hair can be grown to varying lengths. Blood cells are considered to be 5 microns.

So it should filter out anything 40 mc or bigger?

Yes, that is correct.

Does it come with o-rings?

It does come with o-rings as pictured above.

Why do I need o-rings?

O-rings help seal the filter so that no unwanted particles escape the filter and do damage to areas where the particulars should not be able to reach.

I’ve heard some of these filters produce ash. Is that true of this one?

We have been told that this filter does not produce ash.

Do you have mounting instructions for this filter?

Yes. We actually have the instructions from the manufacturer. You can click here or right click that link to save the link to your computer.


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Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions 3.9 × 3.9 × 4.5 in