Mercedes-Benz Metris Coil Spring – VB-Coilspring


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Mercedes-Benz Metris Coil Spring – VB-Coilspring

So, this spring is for Metris vans that already have coil springs?

Yes. It is a helper spring or a replacement string for Metris vans that already make use of coil spring suspension systems. Helper springs are also fitted onto vehicles that make use of the leaf suspension systems as well.

What do they do if they already have a coil spring system?

They make sure that the vehicle has its previously set ride height.

Does this effect crosswind sensitivity? I’ve been having trouble with it and I was hoping to find something that would help solve it.

The manufacturer says that this coil spring will help your Metris van deal with the rigors of crosswind.

I’ve been noticing that my vehicle might have a sag and I want to get rid of it. Is this a good option?

The coil spring can and will help as long as you have a system that can make use of the coil spring. Otherwise, without a compatible system, then the spring is useless.

What kind of Metris vans are good candidates for coil spring based suspension systems?

If you are usually heavy laden but do not have variable loads then you are a good candidate. The reason why is the reinforcement cannot be adjusted like some of the other systems such as an air spring kit.



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Weight 26.2 lbs
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