Mercedes Benz Metris WeatherTech Seat Protector


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Mercedes Benz Metris Seat Protector

The tan pattern is cool. I’m worried that it won’t be cool for long, though. I mean to say, I’m unsure of how long they can maintain that look. Could you shed light on that by telling me what are those made of so I can figure out if I want this item?

They are made of polycotton twill fabric. The patterns are dyed on to the fabric as far as we were told.

I’m not good at fixing… like fabrics with needles and thread… I can’t be expected to put this together, right?

Actually, the ends are made of elastic and/or velcro materials. If you can slip them over your seat then you have the job done for the most part.

I’d really rather have a color other than this black color. Are there are other ones available?

Actually, yes, there are 3 other colors you could get. You can choose from black, tan, cocoa, and grey.

Speaking of color… How long will the color last in the sun? I hate the worn out look fabric gets over time due to exposure to the sun.

The information we have on this product says that it is made to resist UV sunlight. You should be able to keep your covers in good shape if you have this product.

I’m a fan of spilling my drink on myself and my seat… Not, really but you get the idea. How good are these seat covers at repelling my mistakes with beverages?

We have heard that these seat covers are water repellent but not waterproof. If you are fairly quick about wiping up the problem then you are probably going to be okay. However, you should not expect it to be totally water resistant as it is still fabric.

I’ve seen that this protector allows the seat to “breathe”. Is it still strong despite this? I imagine it might be a bit airy.

Yes. The fabric is a strong fabric that should withstand a lot of damage or abuse.

It should be pretty good at keeping dirt, mud, and other things off my seats then?

Yes. You are correct. It should be able to protect your seat from absorbing dirt and other types of grime. It is a tougher fiber which means it is still possible but it is unlikely.

About this breathable fabric… What does this do anyway?

The breathable fabric takes away from the possible “sticky” feeling that you get from other covers made from different materials. If you do not like getting up and feeling like the upholstery is going to grab on to you then this the seat cover you want.

Last question. How much trouble am I going to have when it comes time to get this thing cleaned?

All you have to do is throw it in your washing machine. Air dry is recommended.

If I don’t have headrests can I still use the Seat Protector? Is there another way to attach it?
No. Headrests are required for installation.
Will a center seatbelt work with this product?
No. While the left and right seatbelts will remain fully functional with the Seat Protector installed, a center seatbelt will not be accessible.

Additional information

Protected Area

1st Row Bucket Seats (Driver Side), 1st Row Bucket Seats (Passenger Side), 2nd Row Bench Seating, 3rd Row Bench Seating


Black, Cocoa, Tan, Grey


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