Mercedes Benz Sprinter Commercial Aluminum 144″ Running Board



Mercedes Benz Sprinter Commercial Aluminum 144″ Running Board

This product is compatible with all 144″ wheelbase Sprinter Vans made from 2007-2018. 

What wheelbases does this product fit?

It fits the Sprinter 2500 and 3500 144″ wheelbase (2007-2018).

Do I need specialized equipment?

Actually, no. You should have all the hardware you need in the kit except for what you would find in a normal toolkit that most people have in their possession already.

Just so I know for sure… How many running boards am I getting when I order one of these?

The package includes two of them in the box. It should take care of your passenger and driver sides.

How likely is this thing to rust?

Actually, it should be fairly resistant to rust as it is made of aluminum. You will find that it resists rust better than other running boards you might find in the marketplace right now.

I’m a real do it yourself kind of guy and I want to know if I can install this by myself. Is this possible?

It is possible. However, you will have to assess the risks and rewards of making that decision by yourself. We always recommend getting a professional installation but if you have the requisite skill sets necessary to do this project by yourself then you probably know the risks and have plans for them already. The manufacturer recommends getting this item professionally installed which is probably your best option.

I’ve always thought that these things are ridiculous. What are they for and why should I care?

Many people use running boards for the obvious reason and that reason is to get in and out of their vehicle. However, there are a few secondary benefits that should be kept in mind like how it acts as a doormat at times. If you do not feel like tracking in mud or dirt in your vehicle then you can use the running board to get some of the dirt off your shoes before you get them on your mat. Finally, the running board helps protect the underside of your vehicle from debris like rocks, mud, water, and etc.

Is this made of steel?

No. The product is made of aluminum.

Do you know what the official length of this thing is by any chance?

The information we have says that the official length of the running board is 109″.



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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 83 in