Mercedes Metris Van Brembo Front Brake Rotor – 6394210012

$92.30 $79.95


Mercedes Metris Brembo Front Brake Rotor – 6394210012 – 09.8404.11

That thing looks super heavy. I’m worried about picking it up. Do you know how much it weighs?

The weight we have for this Brembo rear brake rotor is 21.94 lbs. It might not be as heavy as you would think.

It looks good. All I need to know is if I’m getting one or more for the price on the website?

The price is for one of these brake rotors.

Is this the front or rear rotor?

The Brembo rotor you are looking at right now is for the front of your van.

I’ve been trying to find this product and I’m pretty sure this is the right one… But, it seems like the SKU is wrong?

We can help you there. If you are looking for another part number then you should know that there are places around the internet that are selling this product under a different part number. The part number that a majority of them use is 09.8404.11. Hopefully, that is the part number you are also looking for right now.

I’ve heard that the front rotor/brake system is the most important out of the front vs rear discussion. Is that true?

All of the components in your braking system are important. However, most vehicles use the front brakes to do 80% of the stopping work. Therefore, the front rotor tends to be made to withstand a greater amount of friction and heat.

So, I can’t just buy rear rotors and have them on my front rotor area?

No, it is a bad idea that could get you seriously injured.

So, the front rotors weigh more because of that fact you mentioned up there?

Correct. The front rotors have more weight, in most cases, because of the amount of heat and friction they have to withstand.

Are you sure this fits my Metris?

Yes. The product will fit 2016 + 2017 Mercedes Metris vans.


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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in