2016 or Newer Mercedes Metris Van Curt Class 3 – 2 inch Receiver Trailer Hitch


  • Produced in America
  • Includes a seamless collar with is forged and welded for durability
  • Specifically made for your Metris van. You will not have to fight with it to get it to work in your van.
  • SAE J684 tested.
  • Precisely welded for superior strength and fit
  • Rust and damaged protected via a high-gloss black powder coat finish.
  • Also includes a Bonderite coating which makes it even more rust resistant
  • Easily cleaned through an open-back receiver
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty

Other Notes:

  • Does not increase your ability to tow more weight.
  • All the hardware you need is included with the package.
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2016 or Newer Mercedes Metris Van Curt Class 3 – 2 inch Receiver Trailer Hitch

How long does it take to install this thing?

CURT says that this will only take 15 to 30 minutes to get on your Metris van.

I don’t like the thought of drilling into my Sprinter van. Am I going to have to do that?

No. You should not have to drill into your Sprinter van to get this thing installed on your van.

What do I get in this package? Do I get a ball mount or a pin?

No. You only receive the hitch. You will not receive a pin, clip, or ball mount when you get this item.

What is the weight carrying capacity of this trailer hitch?

It is 6000 lbs.

Does that mean that I can carry 6000 lbs more now?

No, unfortunately, the hitch does not add the ability to carry more weight. It only means that the hitch can handle up to 6000 lbs. of the weight your van can carry.

What is the tongue weight of this thing?

The tongue weight is 900 lbs.

What is the weight distribution?

The manufacturer says that the weight distribution is 6000 lbs.

What about tongue weight distribution?

It is also 900 lbs.

How big is the receiver tube opening?

The receiver is 2″.

What am I going to need in order to install this thing on my Sprinter van?

The manufacturer says that you will need a few items. You will need 16, 18, and 3/4″ sockets. You will also need safety glasses. You should also have boxed end wrenches of 18mm size. Finally, you need a torque wrench and ratchet.

What are the pieces that I am getting in this thing?

You will receive the following pieces:

  • 1_2 13 x 4 Hex Bolt in a quantity of six.
  • HFN 1213, GR8 Hex flange nut in a quantity of six.
  • Six 1/2″ conical toothed washers.

Which years is this thing for again?

It is meant for 2016 or newer Mercedes Metris vans.

What type of hitch is it again?

This is a class 3 hitch.

Just to make sure, this thing increases my weight capacity and I can carry more, right?

Incorrect. You cannot go over what your current weight limit is for your Metris van. We are unaware of any product that will raise the weight limit of your vehicle.

Was this tested to make sure it is safe?

The manufacturer says that this was tested in accordance with SAE J684.


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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 20 × 10 in