Mercedes Metris Van Suction Cup 5 piece Cab Window Reflective Insulation




2016 – 2019 Mercedes Metris Van Cab Window Reflective Insulation 5 Piece Set – attaches with suction cups

How many pieces am I actually getting in this product?

You will receive five pieces when you get this product.

How do you attach this insulation to the vehicle?

The insulation includes suction cups that you can use to attach the insulation to your windows.

What do I do with these when I don’t need them? They seem like they will take up a lot of room in my van.

You can do one of two things to the insulation to create space. You can roll the insulation up or you can fold it up.

What are the ends of this product like?

They have a grey binding around the edges. They do not stand out or seem out of place at all.

How many layers is the insulation?

The insulation is made up of seven layers that are quilted.

How well does this work in the winter?

It does a very good job of keeping your heat in during the winter months. Keeping you as warm as possible if you are camping or taking part in some other outdoor activities.

It also works well in the summer as well?

Yes. The reflective material helps to keep the inside of your Metris cool instead of absorbing the heat.

What are the windows that this insulation will cover?

You can cover the following windows in your Metris van: the small wing windows, your passenger door windows, your driver side door windows, and the windshield.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 8 × 8 in