Mercedes Metris Van Zimmerman Rear Disk Brake Rotor | 447423001207

$89.99 $79.95


How many rotors am I getting for the price listed?

The price listed is for one of these products.

Does this brake rotor have a part number?

Yes. You can find this Metris Zimmerman disk brake rotor under 400.5511.20 as its part number.

I can’t tell by looking at the picture. I have to ask if this is a front or rear rotor?

The product is a front rotor that goes on a Mercedes Metris.

Do you know the approximate weight of this product?

The rotors weigh around 21 to 25 lbs.

Can’t I just put a front rotor on my back rotor?

Unfortunately, no. The front rotor tends to be larger and thicker. The front rotor/brake system does 80% of the braking activities on most vehicles. Therefore, it absorbs more friction and heat than the rear rotors do on most vehicles. The fitment of a front rotor on a rear rotor area may cause damage to your system from the part not fitting like it is intended to fit.

What is the outer diameter of this rotor in mm?

It is 300mm.

What is the thickness of this item?

The thickness is 12mm.

Do you know what the hub bore is?

It is 67mm.

What is the height in mm?

The manufacturer says that it is 57,8.

Do you know, exactly, what vehicles this product fits?

Here are the years that this product will fit below:

2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris

2017 Mercedes-Benz Metris


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