Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Van Alcoa High Polish Wheel Package 16 x 5.5


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Four Wheel Kit for a 2500 4×4 & 2wd 2007 and Newer Sprinter Van

Alcoa 16X6.5 Four Wheel Package High Polish for a 2500 Sprinter

Wheel Package for a Mercedes-Benz 2500 Sprinter Single Rear Wheel Cab / Chassis. Transform your RV, Motorhome, or Work Van with a set of 16″ aluminum rims from Alcoa.

I’ve read that this product is made out of aluminum. Is that true and if so then why should I care? What’s the big deal with it being made out of aluminum?

Aluminum is lighter than regular steel, it also resists rusting better than regular steel. It also deals with heat better than regular steel does as well.

I’ve heard of people with aluminum wheels getting a better price when they cash out of their van. Will these help me get top dollar as well?

The market does tend to favor vehicles with aluminum wheels when they are resold. We cannot promise it, however.

I noticed that these wheels have hand holes. How many are there of these on these wheels?

You get six of them. The manufacturer tells us that these are “elongated” hand holes.

This is a 16″ wheel? Right?

Yes. We the information we have from the manufacturer says that it is a 16 x 6.5 wheel.

What else do these hand holes do for me?

We were told they assist in dissipating heat in addition to aluminum’s ability to get rid of heat as well.

I’m not a great driver and I tend to ride the shoulder a bit. I’m worried about damage from scraping the edges a bit. Will these wheels help me?

We were told by the manufacturer that this wheel can take some curb damage and resist it better than some of the other solutions out there in the marketplace. It certainly is a step up from having the stock wheels on your Sprinter van.

Is this for a rear double wheel or a single wheel Sprinter?

It is for a Mercedes single rear wheel Sprinter that is also 2500.

What is the max load I can put on these wheels?

We were told that you can load up to 2680 lbs. The wheels do not add to your ability to transport weight, unfortunately. Your Sprinter’s current limit for weight transport will stay the same.

What is the weight of these wheels?

We were told that the total weight of the wheels is 23 lbs.

What is the size of the bore?

The official number we have lists it at 84mm.

What can you tell me about the bolt circle?

It is 135mm.

What about the seat mounting? What type is the seat mounting?

It is a spherical seat mounting.

How much could I, theoretically, pump my tires to before it starts being a problem for these wheels?

The maximum amount you could, theoretically, pump your tires is 80psi.

Is this a six-hole wheel?

Yes. We were told that this is a six-hole wheel.

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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 18 in