Mercedes Sprinter 3500 15″ Dually Wheel Simulators


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Mercedes Sprinter 3500 Dually 15 Inch Wheel Simulators


Also available for 16″ Wheels Click here!


I think these simulators have a shiny finish… Is that true?

The 15″ wheels have a polished look to them if that is what you mean by shiny.

How do you install these simulators?

The wheel simulators are made to snap on.

What was the material used to make these wheel simulators?

We were told that they are made of stainless steel.

There seems to be a lot of components to this wheel or is it several pieces that don’t go together? Do you put them together?

There are some pieces meant to go together, yes. It does include some hardware in order to facilitate completion of the job.

Is this for both the front and rear wheels?

Yes. The set should complete the front and rear wheels.

Wait, what kind of steel is used for these wheel simulators?

We were told this is a T304L stainless steel.

Hold on, am I going to have to remove my lug nuts? You said that I won’t need anything other than what is found in most people’s toolkits. I do own a wrench.

Actually, no. You will be able to snap the product on your existing setup.

I’m just trying to cover up my beat up wheels is this going to do it?

Yes. Actually, you are the perfect person for this product. The wheel simulators will cover up what you want to be hidden while keeping the same performance. All you have to do is snap the product on and go. You should be good.




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