Mercedes Sprinter Van Arctic White Factory Matched Touch-Up Paint – Free Shipping


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Mercedes Sprinter Arctic White Touch-Up Paint that matches the Factory White of your Sprinter Van.

Also available in factory matched black or “Jet Black”


How much is in each one?

These Bottles are 5ml bottles.

How much will that cover?

Reliably, around 1 inch to 2 inches of scratches or 1 to 2 inches of each side of a square and the area inside the square if you had to put multiple coats on your vehicle.

How many coats does it take?

It really depends on the severity of the damage. It could only take one coat or it could take more. It really depends on the damage and how much of a perfectionist that you are when you begin your job.

I know the listing says this is “arctic white” then why does it look reddish in the second picture with the rest of the bottles?

The second picture you are looking at was taken with a red background which you can see when you look at the picture closely. You can see the red reflecting off the top of the caps of the touch-up paints. The glass of the bottle is also reflecting the red color which gives it that brownish/reddish hue. The first picture is a more true representation of the product as the picture was taken on a white background where no reflection of color was possible.

What happens if it looks funny when I apply it. Is it going to dry to the correct color?

Yes. The product may look off when you apply it, and, honestly, it did when we tested it. However, the paint did dry to the appropriate color and was unnoticeable after the application.

Is there stuff I have to do before using this paint?

Yes, actually, it is similar to other paints where you should clean the area and make sure that it is completely dry. Drying the work surface is an important step that a lot of people miss when applying touch-up paint… You should also consider sanding the area to make sure it can take even amounts of paint. Keep in mind that, as far as we know, this paint does not contain primer. It might be helpful to use that product when applying this product. We did not use a primer in our application but every situation is different and we cannot recommend a particular method either way.

If I mess up with this paint then what do I have to do?

Many people find that sanding the area after letting it dry lets them fix their own mistakes. In fact, many other touch-up paints recommend this method if you happen to buy the wrong color of touch-up paint for your vehicle.

How many am I actually getting for this price?

You are getting one of these paints for the price listed.

How long should I be shaking this thing before I try to apply it to my vehicle?

Shaking 30 seconds before applying the product is probably a good amount of time.

What color is this touch-up paint?

The color of this paint is arctic white.

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