Mercedes Sprinter Conversion Van Diesel Generator



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Fits both conversion and non conversion Sprinter vans

Mercedes Sprinter 3KW Diesel Generator

Where is this generator designed to go?

The design of this diesel generator is made to hang below the chassis of your van.

Won’t this cause scraping on the road?

It is possible but we have not heard of it. You will lose some of your clearance below your vehicle but it should be able to handle things like speed bumps. If anything is sticking out of the road or something is in the road and it is higher than a speed bump then you might have problems. But, it is unlikely.

How many cylinders does this generator have?

It has a single diesel cylinder.

How much power does that put out then?

The official power rating is 3,000W.

What does fuel consumption look like then? What are the metrics associated with the generator?

.10 GPH at half load and .22 GPH at full load.

How safe is this generator? I’d imagine that I’m going to have problems if this thing overheats or the oil pressure gets too low. I’d hate to think about what that would do.

The generator has a shutdown mechanism for both a low oil pressure problem and a high-temperature problem.

What is the output voltage then? What can I expect?

You should be able to expect 120VAC or an optional 240VAC.

What is the injection type?

It has an indirect injection.

What kind of generator is this? 

It is a brushless belt driven generator.

What are the certifications that this thing holds if any at all?

It holds an EPA Certified Tier 4 designation. It also has a certification from CARB.

What kind of controller does this generator have anyway?

It has an ECU controller.

Alright, so I’m close to my weight limit in my Sprinter already. Can you tell me how much I can expect to add if I decide that this is for me?

The product weighs in at 260 lbs. You should expect to add at least that much weight to your Sprinter if you decide to get this item.

Aren’t these incredibly hard to get? I’ve heard that there’s some kind of waiting list or something?

They are, in fact, hard to get. There is a wait list and a very small amount of these released at a time. The best thing to do, if you are sure that you want this product, is order one so that you can get one shipped out to you as soon as it is available.

Well, I don’t have a Sprinter but I’d like to use this under my vehicle, is that possible?

We were told that this will fit under other vehicles especially if they are trucks and/or vans. However, we do not have a lot of information about this and can only confirm that these will fit under Sprinter vans.

What can you tell me about the exhaust?

It has a critical exhaust silencer and a stainless steel exhaust flex.

If this thing is going to be outside my vehicle then I would imagine that it is going to take a beating from the elements. I mean, if I drive through a puddle then this thing is going to get splashed. If I drive through the mud then I’m going to get muddy. How well can this thing handle problems like that?

It has a polyester powder coat and also corrosion resistant paint. You should be protected against rust. We were not explicitly told by the manufacturer how weather resistant this product is but it was designed to be underneath your vehicle. There should be a measure of weather resistance but we cannot say how much it actually holds for certain.

What can you tell me about the specifications of the starter motor?

We were told that this is a 12VDC starter motor.

Isn’t the fuel pump also 12VDC?

You are correct. The manufacturer of this product says that this is also 12VDC.

What about the circuit breaker? What do you know about the circuit breaker?

It is a 30 AMP main line set mounted circuit breaker from what we were told by the manufacturer.

How is the radiator cooled in this generator? Is it air cooled? I mean, just by the wind generated by the vehicle moving through the streets?

The radiator actually is cooled by a blower fan. The fan also has fan guards if you were wondering about that fact.

I didn’t see this in the information above but is this an alternating current?

Yes. The generator produces an alternating current.

So, more about this generator and its ability to handle bumps… It sounds like, the way you described this thing that it is going to bounce around a lot. Is there something that I can get to fix vibrations and shaking problems? I imagine that, over time, would damage this generator.

The mounting brackets are said to be “vibration isolated”. They should provide a measure of protection against bumps and cracks in the road.

I heard that oil filter is reusable is that true?

We have information that says that the oil filter is a “reusable screen type oil filter”. It also says that it is an in-line fuel filter. It also mentions having a dry type air cleaner.

What is the starting mechanism like?

They say that it is a single touch start. It also has a stop switch that includes a light that shows the condition of the unit.

Is there anything else I should know about this product?

It has a single side service.

One more question. What is the deal with the radiator? Do I get a fill tank?

The materials we have say that it has a remote radiator fill tank included with the system.


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