Mercedes Sprinter Side Window Conversion Forward T-slider


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Mercedes Sprinter Side Window Conversion 144″ Driver Forward T-slider

The segmented one is the correct model. They are actually the same picture but the first one is the one we got back after the photo was color corrected. I noticed a difference in the two pictures. One of them looks like one solid piece and the other looks like it is segmented. Which one is the real one?

How much does this thing weigh?

The information we have says that this window weighs 35 lbs.

How much is that in kgs?

The weight in kilograms is 15.88.

How do install this thing?

The install requires you to cut out the area in which you will put the window. You then have to install the window into that area. It is actually probably not something you want to do on your own unless you are really short on cash or you have the skill required to do something of this magnitude.

Do you have the ability to install this thing for me? I’m worried that I might mess this up.

You can always have us do the install for you. You can call us at 503-427-2270 and talk to us about getting yours installed. We may even be installing these windows free of charge with some limits of course. It does not include anything extra other than installing the window and the pieces that are considered stock items that ship with the window. Call and get all the details about what we will do during installation and if the free installation is available.

How long does the installation process usually take?

We do somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 hours of installation.

What Sprinters does this fit again?
















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