Mercedes Sprinter Van “Fuelscoop” Aero Kit


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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Whale Tail / Aerodynamic Cab Spoiler


When air goes over the top of the cab and runs into the box, it creates wind drag.  The Fuelscoop (also commonly referred to as a whale tail, roof spoiler, or truck wing), installs on the top of the cab to help direct air smoothly over the box portion of the Sprinter Van.  Roof wings create better aerodynamics and reduce wind resistance as well as stabilize the truck in windy conditions.  Whale tails are also an excellent way to save on fuel costs since they improve fuel efficiency.

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Fuelscoop has been integrally associated in Australia with effective truck aerodynamics since the early 1980’s. Australia provides one of the world’s toughest ‘proving grounds,’ with extremes in climate and road conditions. Having over thirty years of experience in such extremes, ensures that Fuelscoop is not only designed to work, but has proven that it is made to last!

In 2008, to further integrate roof mounted aerodynamics with factory cab design, Aerotrans Australia redeveloped Fuelscoop to incorporate a molded base that not only streamlines design, but also picks up on factory installed roof mount points. This proved extremely popular and successful – and over a decade and thousands of products, not one problem has been reported.

What was already proven on-road to be extremely effective aerodynamic design, was now further streamlined by means of a fully molded mounting base spreading the load over the full base yet secured onto factory approved points.

Fuelscoop now became superior to all other products available and not only saved fuel, thereby lowering the carbon footprint, but also dramatically increased vehicle safety by means of much improved operational stability. Savings in excess of ten percent are the normal client feedback, but it is not unusual to have results in excess of twice that.

Some trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) do not have exposed mounting points, and yet these vehicles still crave aerodynamic assistance. Aerotrans Australia solved this challenge and did so in a way that requires no disassembly of interior trim and ensures the total integrity of the truck/LCV cab is not compromised. The means by which Fuelscoop has successfully achieved this objective is by perfectly designing the mounting surface to mirror the cab, enabling Fuelscoop to simply be bonded to the cab roof once cleaned.


Made in Australia

Substantially improves…

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Truck stability
  • Driver safety –
  • Drive-train wear’n’tear

Modern molded design

  • Proven tough on-road
  • No exposed brackets

Easily installed

Improves visual aesthetics

  • Increased brand exposure

Easily removed (if necessary)

Compliments Nose Cone performance

Won’t cause cab damage

Easily painted (if required)

Height 31”/33” above roof



  • FUELSCOOP fitted to European LCV Cab chassis have a fully bonded molded base mounting system. Not only does this avoid damaging the cab, it also means the load is spread over total cab width and depth.
  • FUELSCOOP fitted to European LCV Cab chassis has been designed for superior airflow from cab windscreen minimizing likelihood of turbulence in transition.  The consistent flow from cab to FUELSCOOP and beyond assists over-deflection in case of higher truck bodies.
  • FUELSCOOP is designed with a ‘cut’ as can be easily seen in frontal photos. This design redirects airflow outwards causing a ‘streaming’ effect. This intensified airflow streams along the FUELSCOOP, minimizing turbulence and providing a laminar flow, improving truck safety by substantially assisting vehicle stability.
  • FUELSCOOP for European LCV Cab-chassis can be enhanced by means of upgrading to a FUELSCOOP Full Aero Kit. The FUELSCOOP Full Aero Kit combines the fully molded roof device with left and right cab-extenders that are angled to suit the base of the FUELSCOOP. Not only do these look great they assist deflection of the airflow out and away from the front of the truck body.
  • To compliment the performance of FUELSCOOP, Aerotrans Australia developed a fully molded ‘flow-through’ Sunvisor, that is not only practical to shield from bright light, but also acts like a blade to assist laminar flow




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Weight 160 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 50 in