Mercedes Sprinter Van Heated & Massage Driver or Passenger Seat Kit -Free Shipping

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This Kit has 3 temperature settings PLUS Massage. It will cover either the Driver Side or the Passenger Side.




This Kit has 3 temperature settings plus massage. 

How many Sprinter Van Massage Seat Motors do I receive when I purchase this item?

You receive ONE PAIR of Massage Motors

What kind of warranty comes with these seats?

You get a 3-year limited warranty that is serviced by the manufacturer. Please keep in mind that this means that we will not be servicing your seats directly and you will be dealing with the manufacturer for any warranty work needed.

How may Seats will this fit for my Mercedes Sprinter Seat?

This Kit will cover One Single Seat. It will cover the Driver Side Seat or the Passenger Side Seat.

Where were these seats made?

The seats were made in the United States of America.

What are the specific years that these seats will fit?

They will fit 2010-2015 Sprinters.

Wait, these are heated seats?

Correct. They are heated seats for your Sprinter.

Is there anything I should know about them?

Yes. You can use these seats if you have non-airbag seats in your vehicle.

These are specially designed to fit Sprinter vehicles and not for something else? I’m not going to have to make weird adjustments to make this fit my Sprinter?

Yes. They are specially designed seats for your Sprinter van that do not have airbags seats.

How many different temperature settings are there?

You have your choice of three different temperature settings.

Does it have a digital control module?

The manufacturer told us yes when we asked this question.

I hate cheap heating elements. Is this a good one or is it going to make me angry when I get this thing?

The seat is custom made for the Sprinter which means that the heating element is exactly where it needs to be on your seat and you will not have to adjust your seat to get warmth where you want it. The manufacturer also told us that they are using a heating element that you would normally only find used on OEM versions of seat heaters. It is made of automotive grade resistive heating wire. It also has NTC digital temperature controls.

I hate waiting for my current seat heater to warm up and then start making my seat warm. How fast is this one?

We were told that the heat is transferred to the seats almost instantaneously after you request the heat.

I know this is dumb but I forget to turn things off and I’m concerned I’m going to damage my Sprinter. Is there a safety feature for this thing?

Yes. The seat heater will stay active for an hour and then it will auto shut off for your safety.

So, I’ve had to cut wires in the past to make sure that it would fit my Sprinter. Honestly, I do not enjoy doing that at all. I want it to fit right when I take it out of the box. Is that something I’m going to have to be concerned about when I try to put this thing on my Sprinter?

No. Your heating elements were specifically designed for the Sprinter. You do not need to adjust any of the wires to make it work.

Switch questions:

My friend who has this seat says that this is a flat membrane switch. What can you tell me about it?

It is a 1/16″ peel and stick membrane. It is LED and it can be installed anywhere if you have the single version. If you opt for the joined version then you have a single switch for the passenger and driver seat. The two seats have separate controls so that they can be controlled to the specifications of the two people in those seats. It is also a 1/16″ peel and stick LED flat membrane switch. If the surface is flat then it is highly likely that this switch can be installed on that surface. You will find these are more versatile than the more commonly used round rocker switches because the depth requirement is much less than those switches.

This thing is supposed to have massage capabilities. What can you tell me about those?

The massage mechanism has wire style heating elements. It uses weight off-set motors for a moving massage that focuses on the back.

How many massage settings are there are on this thing?

You get four massage settings.

What about the heat settings? Is it like the normal seat heater that has three?

You are correct. There are three temperature settings like the seat heater.

Driver Side Package:

It includes a temperature control switch. Designed for the front of the vehicle on the driver’s side.

Passenger Side Package:

Designed for the front passenger side. It also includes a temperature control switch.

Both Driver and Passenger Seats:

The package includes both the passenger and driver seats. They are designed for the front seats. Each seat has its own temperature switches.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in