Mercedes Sprinter Van Heated Driver OR Passenger Seat Kit






Sprinter Van Heated Seat Upgrade Kit

Starting up your Sprinter Van during the winter is not a fun experience, especially if it takes a few minutes to warm up; your hands are numb, your feet are aching, and you’re all bundled up.  Plus, depending on the type of seats you have, they could be extra chilly when you first get in.  Upgrading your Sprinter Van with a heated seat kit will not only keep you warm when the temperature drops but will also add resale value if you decide to part ways in the future.

The Sprinter Van Seat Heater Kit is designed to be installed safely, under any type of upholstery, whether your rig originally had heated seats or not.  It includes all necessary components and step-by-step instructions for installation.  It makes for an affordable upgrade, to be sure.


Control Switches Included: 1 per seat
Material: Carbon Fiber
Package Contents: Pads; Hog Rings; Pliers; Switch; Wiring Harness; and Instructions
Package Quantity: 1
Packaging Type: Box
Seat Type: Kit
Wiring Harness Included: 1 per seat
  • Complete kit – comes with everything needed for installation on two front seats, including bottom and back pads, hog rings, pliers, switch, wiring harness, and instructions
  • Trustworthy solution – backed by a team of engineers and quality control specialists in the United States for safe, reliable performance
  • Fast and effective – heater is designed to warm up quickly and often exceeds warmth of original equipment



How many Sprinter Van Seat Heaters do I receive when I purchase this item?

You will receive ONE kit which will cover the Driver’s Seat OR the Front Passenger’s Seat.  For both seats, add 2 to your cart.

Who made this kit?

The Sprinter Van Heated Seat Kit is manufactured by Dorman.

What are the specific years that this Sprinter Heated Seat Kit will fit?

They will fit all 2002-2021 Sprinters.

I’m not going to have to make weird adjustments for this to fit my Sprinter, am I?

These are designed to work on any configuration of Sprinter van with some caveats.  1) If you don’t already have heated seats, you will need to decide where to mount the switches that are included with this kit.  2) If you do already have heated seats and want to reuse the factory switches, you must use the wire harness included in these kits.  3) If your Sprinter is equipped with airbag seats, you must take care not to place the heating elements over any airbag/occupant sensors.

How many different temperature settings are there?

You have your choice of two different temperature settings.

Does it have a digital control module?

This does not have a digital control module.

I hate waiting for my current seat heater to warm up and then start making my seat warm. How fast is this one?

We were told that the heat is transferred to the seats almost instantaneously after you request the heat.


Wait, these are heated seats?

Correct. They are heated seats for your Sprinter.

Is there anything I should know about them?

Yes. You can use these seats if you have non-airbag seats in your vehicle.

Does it have a digital control module?

The manufacturer told us yes when we asked this question.

My friend who has this kit says that this is a flat membrane switch. What can you tell me about it?

It is a 1/16″ peel and stick membrane. It is LED and it can be installed anywhere if you have the single version. If you opt for the joined version then you have a single switch for the passenger and driver seat. The two seats have separate controls so that they can be controlled to the specifications of the two people in those seats. It is also a 1/16″ peel and stick LED flat membrane switch. If the surface is flat then it is highly likely that this switch can be installed on that surface. You will find these are more versatile than the more commonly used round rocker switches because the depth requirement is much less than those switches.

This thing is supposed to have massage capabilities. What can you tell me about those?

The massage mechanism has wire style heating elements. It uses weight off-set motors for a moving massage that focuses on the back.

How many massage settings are there are on this thing?

You get four massage settings.

What about the heat settings? Is it like the normal seat heater that has three?

You are correct. There are three temperature settings like the seat heater.

Additional information

Upgrade to Massage & Heater?

Yes, No


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in