Mercedes Sprinter Van Method Race Wheels Black Matte


2007+ Sprinter Van Method 701 Matte Black 17×7.5 (6x130mm) +50ET With 6.2in Backspace

Will fit 2500 both 2wd and 4×4

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Mercedes Sprinter Van Method Race Wheels Black Matte

This product is only compatible with the 2500 Sprinter Van. It does NOT fit the 3500 Sprinter Van.

What brand of wheels is this?

These are genuine Method Race Wheels for your Sprinter van.

What is the specific Method racing wheels designation then?

They are Method Race Wheels MR701 Black matte wheels.

What is the official bolt pattern of these wheels?

The wheel bolt pattern (app) is 6 x 130mm.

Is this a set of wheels or is the price for one?

The price you see on this page is the price for one wheel. You will need four for a complete set of wheels.

Well, these aren’t snap together wheels are they?

No. These are a one piece wheel. There is no snapping together to assemble the wheel.

Am I going to get that cool looking center cap in the package too?

Yes. The wheel does include the center cap as shown.

What is this product made of?

The wheel is made of aluminum.

I’ve heard that aluminum provides some measure of rust protection and is more rugged than some other wheels types. Is that true?

Yes. Aluminum will resist rusting and damage better than some other types of wheels. However, you should not expect miracles here. The wheel will still be damaged if it manages to get curbed. It might still be structurally sound but the cosmetics of the wheel may be damaged.

What is the center bore diameter of this wheel?

The official center bore diameter for this product is 84.10mm or 3.311 inches.

What can you tell me about the beadlock characteristics of this wheel?

We can tell you that there is no functional beadlock and no beadlock is included with this wheel.

Do you know what the manufacturer says that this offset is?

It is a +50.00mm offset according to the notes we have from the manufacturer.

Do I get valve stems included with this wheel?

There are no valve stems included with this product.

Is there anything else not included with this wheel package?

You do not get lug nuts.

Is it Hub Centric ring compatible?

Unfortunately, it is not Hub Centric ring compatible.

What is the backspacing of this wheel?

We were told that it is 6.2 inches.

Wait, if it doesn’t include lug nuts then do I need small diameter lug nuts?

You do actually need those for this wheel.

What is the finish of this wheel again?

It is a Matte finish.

What is the lug nut seat style on this wheel?

The lug nut seat style is Conical seat at 60 degrees.

Is this TPMS sensor compatible?

It is actually and the TMPS mounting system is a valve stem mount.

Do you know what the wheel diameter and the wheel width of the wheel is?

The wheel diameter is 17 inches and the wheel width is 7.5 inches.

Do you know what the load rating of this wheel is?

The load rating of this wheel is 3,640 lbs.

Does this thing have a UPC code?

Yes. The UPC code is 191682011276.


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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 9 in