Mercedes Sprinter Van Rear Door Magnet Bug Door Screen -Free Shipping


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Mercedes Sprinter Van Rear Door Magnet Bug Door Screen -Free Shipping

Please note: We will call you after you make your order to make sure that you are getting the screen you want and/or need for your Sprinter van.

click this link to see how one of these screens is installed.

Where are these made?

The product is made in the United States of America.

I’ve heard that these have to be upgraded is that true?

You are correct. They have to be upgraded from the standard screen to the “No-See-Um” screen. If you have the 3.0 version then to you have to upgrade to the 4.0 version for your cargo, RV Sprinter van, and/or passenger/crew Sprinter van.

Which Sprinter vans do these bug screens fit?

It will fit all Sprinter vans. It will fit cargo vans, passenger vans, converted class B RV’s, or crew vans.

Do you guys have any installation instructions for this product? 

Yes, click this link to see how one of these screens is installed. 

Where does the magnet attachment seal?

It will seal at the right side of the door.

What does that do for me?

The placement helps you enter and leave your Sprinter van easily and naturally.

Do I have to bend down or anything to get into the van?

The bug screen has been designed so that you do not have to kneel or bend over to get into your Sprinter van.

How do I open this thing?

You can grab your door seal and open it from there. You can close it back up by using the magnetic strip.

What about opening and closing my door? I haven’t seen anything mentioning whether or not this thing will get in my way of me doing that at all.

You do not have to worry about that as the design was made to make sure that you can open your doors and close them as well as freely as you wish.

Won’t these magnets stick to my door and make it difficult for me to get them back to the right place?

There are no exterior magnets which means that this product cannot stick to the metal on your doors. You should not have a problem with this screen.

Am I going to have to drill into my van to get this to work properly or install properly?

No. You do not need to drill into your van to get this installed. The product was designed to work with your current door seals.

Does the standard screen keep out bugs?

It will keep out most bugs like mosquitoes. It also allows light and air to enter. However, if you need one that will allow even fewer bugs and such enter then you want the “no-see-um” screen. The “no-see-um” screen is actually tougher than the standard screen as well.

Does this screen have any kind of warranties?

Yes. It has a one year warranty covering defects in the manufacturing process. Please note that this is a manufacturer warranty. You will not be dealing with us if you have problems with the product. You will be dealing with the manufacturer.

So I can remove this thing after the summer season?

Yes. You can actually remove this thing very quickly for seasonal reasons or if you find that there is rain coming.

We have more information, including installation instructions, for many of our parts at

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2002-2006, 2007-2019

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Regular, No See-Um


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