Metris Van CURT Heavy Duty Powered 3 to 2 Wire Taillight Converter


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Metris Van CURT Heavy Duty Powered 3 to 2 Wire Taillight Converter

This product is compatible with all Mercedes Benz Metris Vans. 

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What is this thing?
This is a 3 to 2 wite taillight converter.
What does this do?
This product converts a 3-wire vehicle electrical system to standard 2-wire trailer wiring.
So, it allows me to be able to use my taillights while I’m towing a trailer?
Yes! That is exactly what this allows for.
Do you guys have a trailer tow hitch for a Metris Van?
Yes, we do. We have both the Draw-Tite as well as the CURT version available.
Does it only connect the tail lights?
No! The 4-way flat output connects tail lights, brake lights, AND turn signals.
Will I need a heavy duty flasher to set this thing up?
No heavy duty flasher is required for this product.
I’m not gonna be using this thing 24/7 and am worried about it collecting dust… does this thing include a dust cover? 
Yes, this harness was made with that in mind and does indeed include a dust cover.
Do you guys have any install instructions for this thing? 
Yes, follow this link to watch a video on how to install this harness. Keep in mind, this can be quite tricky so we recommend bringing it to a professional if you don’t already know what you’re doing.
What is the CURT part number associated with this product? 
The CURT part number is 59190.


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