RAM Promaster Airvent Cab Window Inserts

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Louvered Vent Inserts for a RAM ProMaster Vans

This product is not be compatible with the ProMaster City

Price is for 2 airvents, one for the driver side and one for the passenger side. 


Which RAM ProMaster vans will these airvents fit?

The airvents will fit all the full-size ProMasters as listed here: 1500, 2500, and 3500 models.

What are these airvents made of?

They are made up of aluminum. We also have a cheaper plastic option available, just choose that option from the drop-down menu.

What is the finish on these airvents?

These airvents have a black powder-coated finish. The black powder finish also helps them resist things like scratches.

Does this airvent sit on the inside of the window? How does the airvent work? 

The airvent does not sit on the inside of the window. It occupies some of the space where the window would normally sit.

Won’t this airvent let insects into my vehicle then?

No it will not. These airvents include a netting that prevents bugs from entering the vehicle. 

Will people be able to easily remove this airvent from the outside of the vehicle? 

It is designed to be very secure and people will not be able to remove this airvent from outside the vehicle.

How do you install this airvent?

You roll down your window and then you place the product in the window track. All you have to do after that is roll up your window.

Ideally, I’d like one of these for both of my windows. Could you tell me if I am buying one or two of these for this price?

You will get two of these airvents when you get this product. You will get one for your driver’s side and one for your passenger side.


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1 review for RAM Promaster Airvent Cab Window Inserts

  1. frank (verified owner)

    i purchases the airvents for the cab windows. the vents themselves seem to be a high quality product. they work great. i think $119.00 for plastic vents is pretty steep, but i couldnt find anything else cheaper. they work exactly how they are supposed to work.

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Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 4 in