2014 or Newer RAM Promaster Curt Class 3 trailer hitch w/ 2″ Receiver


  • Custom build just for 2014 or Newer Promaster Vans
  • SAE J684 tested
  • Precision based welding
  • High-gloss black powder coat finish for rust and damage protection
  • Liquid Bonderite coating to double up your rust protection
  • Forged, welded, seamless collar to add to the strength of the product
  • Open-back receiver makes cleaning the product much easier
  • Limited lifetime warranty provided by CURT
  • Made in USA


  • Trailer hitch weight ratings are limited to vehicle manufacturer’s stated capacities
  • You get all the hardware you need to install this product. All you need are tools.
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2014 or Newer RAM Promaster Curt Class 3 trailer hitch w/ 2″ Receiver


I’ve heard a lot about CURT hitches… Why is that?

CURT is one of the largest if not the largest provider of hitches in the USA and possibly the world. In fact, the manufacturer says that their class 3 hitch is the most commonly installed hitch on SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles like your Transit, Promaster, or Sprinter van.

Can I use this on other vehicles?

The answer is yes with a few caveats. The major caveat is that your vehicle has to be able to use a hitch. It may seem like common sense but it is not always the case. The owners manual of your vehicle will tell you whether or not you can use a hitch. Otherwise, you may cause your vehicle problems. because it was designed with enough structural integrity to handle the rigors of transporting weight. It is especially true if you ask it to transport weight across a very specific point of contact where the hitch will affix to your vehicle. It is a lot of weight for a vehicle to bare if the area was not designed for towing and damage is possible if it was not designed for that task.

What is the gross trailer weight capacity of this particular hitch?

The manufacturer says that this is 5,000 lbs of weight.

What about the tongue capacity of this thing?

CURT says this is 500 lbs.

Do you have access to the compatibility guide from CURT?

Sure. If you click this link then you will be able to see the compatibility guide.

What tools am I going to need to install this thing? Do you know? I want to make sure that I have everything I need before attempting to install this 13710 hitch.

Sure. The manufacturer says that you need a ratchet, 15mm socket, 16mm socket, 3/4″ socket, T30 Torx bit socket, and they also strongly recommend that you have safety glasses.

I’m not going to have to drill into my van to install this piece then?

Nope. You will not have to break out a drill to install this hitch.

Any idea how difficult of an install this thing is?

The manufacturer says that this is a moderately difficult install to attempt. Of course, this all depends on your skill level leading up to the installation but that is the information we have about this product.

I’ve heard that this has some kind of fishwire hardware, is that true?

Yes. It looks like the fishwire hardware has to do with the mounting hole and the access hole. The picture with this fishwire hardware is either above or to the right of this sentence. It is clickable and it opens a new window if you want to have a better look at what we are talking about right here.

Am I going to remove anything to put this thing in?

We see a picture that seems to denote that you will have to remove a part. It says that it is only temporary, however.

Is there anything I need to do once this thing is installed?

CURT recommends that you check to make sure that the fasteners and structural components are all tight over time. Keeping your fasteners and other components tight helps you avoid problems later.

What is the size of the receiver tube opening?

It is a 2″ x 2″ receiver tube opening.

Is it able to accept hitch-mounted accessories?

Yes. You can use most ball mount to standard tow trailers, single horse livestock trailers, utility trailer, and large campers as long as you are not going over the weight capacity of your vehicle and your hitch. You can also use bike racks or cargo carriers.

What is this thing coated with?

It has a liquid Bonderite coating and a powder coat so that it resists scratches and rusting much better than if it was left untreated.

Does this thing have a warranty?

Yes. It has a manufacturer’s warranty which is a limited lifetime warranty and a one-year finish warranty. Keep in mind that it is a manufacturer’s warranty which means that we will not be dealing with the warranty if you have to use it.

The hitch is designed for my Promaster then?

Yes. This hitch was specifically designed to fit your Promaster van.

How safe is this thing?

It was tested for its safety capabilities in accordance with the parameters set forth in SAE J684.

What kind of hardware do I get in this product?

You get the following things:

  • 2 of 1/2-13 x 1 1/4 Carriage bolts
  • 2 of 1_2 fishwire – 1/2″ fishwire
  • 2 of CM-SP6 – .250 x 1.00 x 3.00″ Square hole spacers
  • 2 of HFN 1213 – Hex flange nuts
  • 4 of M10 – 1.25 x 30 HFB – M10-1.25 x 30 Hex Flange bolts

Do you have installation instructions for this thing?

Yes, click this link here to see the Curt RAM Promaster trailer 13170 installation instructions.

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Weight 48 lbs
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