Rodent Repellent for Your Sprinter Van (Free Shipping)




Mouse Blocker – Rodent Repellent for Your Sprinter Van (Free Shipping)

What types of animals does this thing repel?

The device is made to repel rats, mice, chipmunk, and squirrels.

Mouse Box Home

I leave my van in the garage and I do not see why this would be a problem for me.

Even if you leave your van in a garage then there is still a chance that rodents may make their home in your vehicle. We, recently, had this happen at one of our shops. It turns out the rodents made their home inside a gentleman’s vehicle. They plugged up the blower motor and put even more material in the vehicle that could not be taken out. The repair ended up costing upwards of 5 thousand dollars. The picture of the material the rodents were using as their home is either to the right or near the paragraph above or below it depending if you are on a mobile phone.

So there are three different types of protection I can choose from?

Yes. There are three choices and the choices are Mouse Blocker Classic, Mouse Blocker Pro, and Plug-in Mouse Blocker Pro.

What is Mouse Blocker Classic?

It is a 12v device that protects your vehicle from damage by pests. It uses an ultrasonic sound which makes your vehicle a place rodents find unpleasant. The product uses your vehicle’s battery to power itself The draw is only 1 watt of power which is similar to the power usage of an LCD clock.

How about Mouse Blocker Pro? What is different about that product?

The manufacturer says that this is the most powerful version of the product. It has three different power settings. It also includes dual strobing LED lights to further make your vehicle unpleasant to be around for the rodents. It also has a microprocessor designed to monitor battery voltage. If it detects that the voltage has dropped below 11v then the product will turn off. The product will also shut itself off if you are driving the vehicle.

What about the plug-in version of Mouse Blocker Pro?

The device will plug into any power outlet that provides 110v of power. You can also use an extension cord. It works well for situations when you do not have a 12v battery around to power this product but you do have a source of power like an outlet. It is a good choice if you have do a long bit of storage for a reason.

Are the wattage usage different for all the models listed?

Yes. The classic model only draws .1 watts and the Pro model draws .6 watts.

So, I could, potentially, leave this running for months on end without it draining my battery too low?

Correct, it is designed to be a long term solution to rodent problems without draining too much of your battery.

Does this product do well in cold weather?

The manufacturer says that this product does well in cold or hot weather. They mention that it can be used in places where things can reach below zero such as areas in Canada and places as hot as Arizona.

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Mouse Blocker Classic, Mouse Blocker Pro, Plug-in Mouse Blocker Pro


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