2006 or Older Sprinter Van Rubbertite 1 Piece Front Mat – Black


Number of mat pieces included: 1

11.3 lbs. is the total weight of the mat and shipping materials

Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty

Color: Black

The size of the mat is around 34 x 23 x 12 inches

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Also available in gray. Click here to see the product.
Click here for these mats in black.

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Rubbertite 1 Piece Front Mat – Black


I hate. I hate. I hate cleaning my mats because it is such a long process. Is there not a set of mats I can just hit with the hose and be done with?

You can do exactly that with this mat you are looking at right here. The Rubbertite mat is not made of fabric which means that it does not soak in smells, liquids, or anything else. You just have to let it air dry. You do not have to worry about it getting moldy like other carpet based mats.

The mat looks bumpy. It kinda freaks me out. What is the purpose of this other than freaking me out?

The little bumps help keep your feet from sliding around when things are yet. They also help scrape things off your shoes.

Do these mats carry any kind of warranty?

The manufacturer says that they carry a 3-year limited warranty. You would be going through the manufacturer and not us for this warranty to work, however.

I live in a place that has a high amount of rain. Are these mats going to help me not slip around when I get in my car?

The mats are made to be all-weather mats. They should be able to help you not slip around. The little holes and divets in the product should help you avoid having slippery feet as well as pool all the potential water together in one area.

I hate stinky mats and my mats get stinky a lot. Will these resist smells since they are not made up of fiber?

Yes. You are absolutely correct. The smells and dirt cannot penetrate the rubber very easily which means that you have fewer smells in your vehicle and in your mat.

My carpet mats functioned okay at freezing temps. I was wondering how well these would function in the same. I imagine they would get colder. Are they going to get stiffer too?

The manufacturer says that sub-freezing temperatures do not have much effect on these mats. You should be able to manipulate the mats if you need to during the colder months.

My old mats used to slide around my vehicle until I figured out that I could hook them in. Do these mats have anything like that or do they just kinda slide around too?

The mats do include anchors that they recommend using for your vehicle. It mentions that you should not double the mats up, however, as they tend to slip under the pedals and make it very hard to accelerate or slow down.

Apparently, when I get things. I bust them pretty quickly. I’d like to find something that will hang around me for a while. Is this mat going to fit those criteria?

The mat is made of a very strong rubber. It tends to resist damage that other mats made of carpet could not take. You should be pleasantly surprised with how well these mats stand up to the beatings you can put on them.

I think cleaning my feet off because I get dirty a lot. I think I’d like it if these little bumps could help clean off my shoes. Can they?

Yes. The little bumps provide traction and they can scrape mud off your shoes. You should get the usability you are looking for out of the mats.


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Weight 11.3 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 23 × 2 in