Single Turbo Hose Adapter for Sprinter Vans For 5 Cyl and 6 Cyl




Single Turbo Hose Adapter for Sprinter Vans For 5 Cyl and 6 Cyl

Eliminate the possibility of going into “Limp Mode” when you least expect it, at night in the middle of nowhere! Replace your factory turbo air charge hose connector with the Turbo Hose Adapter™ and avoid an untimely breakdown.

Only compatible with 5 cylinder and 6 cylinder Sprinter Vans. 

What is the cracked turbo hose Fix?

The cracked turbo hose fix, our ADAP09 is a billet aluminum adaptor that replaces the metal ends on turbo hoses found on both the passenger side and driver’s side on the 3 liter, V6 CYLINDER Mercedes Benz turbo diesel engine found in 2007 up to present Sprinter Vans. Our Turbo Hose Adapter has nicely rounded ends that resist hose cracking even in high temperatures, high vibration, and high boost pressures.

The Sprinter chassis is becoming increasingly popular with RVers and commercial users because of its great fuel economy and driver-friendly characteristics. However, the V6 turbo hoses with their flawed metal ends are causing the Sprinter chassis to suffer an inordinate amount of breakdowns. Again, if the truth were published, this is a large problem, not a small one.

What exactly is this turbo hose-end failure problem I have been hearing about on the Sprinter Van chassis?

A typical turbo hose-end failure happens under a period of a maximum boost either climbing a hill or accelerating off a stoplight with a load in the vehicle, although we know of failures where the vehicles have NOT been under a load and the hoses have still failed. The failure results from, in our opinion, extremely poor design of the attach point between the rubber hose and the metal end “formed” onto the hose. In the process of sealing the rubber hose to the steel hose fitting, the hose is “machine pinched” into the metal fitting in a manner that sets the hose up for failure right from the start. (Be sure to see the PDF of our installation instructions for clear photos of the problem) The failure is most prevalent on the driver’s side hose since the flexing of the hose assembly is more prevalent on that side, however, both sides do crack at the same fitting, in the same area.

Most Sprinter service departments are acutely aware of this problem, however, until now, the only solution was to replace the entire hose assembly at a cost of around $130 to $140 just for the hose assembly, not counting l labor. To avoid getting stuck on the road, we are recommending replacing BOTH of these hose ends with the ADAP09 to prevent the failure before it happens.

What happens when the Sprinter turbo hose ends fail?

The boost sensor sends a low-pressure signal to the engine’s computer which “thinks” there has been a failure of the turbo and the vehicle immediately goes into “limp home” mode which results in a nearly total loss of ability to climb hills and a top speed on flat ground of about 35 to 40 mph. This usually results in having the vehicle towed in for repair, however, this particular problem can start out with “partial failures” since the cracks sometimes start out very small and can put you in AND OUT of “limp home mode” several times before full failure or “blow out” of the hose puts you in limp home mode once and for all. This is not exactly a desirable feature in emergency medical service vehicles, armored vehicles, RVs and other commercial vehicles that cannot afford to become inoperable. It is especially troubling to RVers who use their vehicles to “get away from it all” only to find that after they are “away from it all” they are now hundreds of miles or hours away from help. In addition, the check engine light comes on. If our ADAP09 hose adapter is installed after a failure, the check engine light should go off after a few starting cycles. (full warm-up and cool down of the engine.)

Can a turbo hose-end failure make the vehicle unsafe?

We have spoken with many Sprinter RV and commercial vehicle owners who had their turbo hose ends blow out, and barely avoided being rear-ended, since when the vehicle goes into a limp home mode, there is no warning for a driver approaching quickly from behind. Some of these customers had used our turbo resonator eliminators on earlier model Sprinters with the 2.7 liter inline 5 cylinder engines and immediately called us to ask if this was a similar problem since the end result seemed to be exactly the same.

Is there any permanent fix for this problem?

Yes, our company has developed a permanent fix for the problem with the development of our turbo hose end adapter, the new ADAP09, which is now available for $89.95 plus shipping. That is not a lot more than the price of replacing one cracked hose assembly. Presently we have these parts installed in Sprinter commercial vehicles and RVs with thousands of trouble-free test miles on the ADAP09. Every customer we have spoken with is happy with the product.

How long does it take to install the new ADAP09 turbo hose adapter?

About 20 minutes, following clear & simple directions which are included.

My turbo hose has already been replaced with a new one under warranty, shouldn’t it be ok now?

Not from the feedback we are getting from Dodge dealers and Sprinter owners. According to Sprinter representatives with whom we have spoken, this part is having a high rate of reported failures. Many owners are having multiple failures only a few thousand miles apart from each other, causing their RVs to need expensive repair in the middle of a vacation or interrupting their workday with a broken-down work van or truck. Remember the stock hose end is (in our opinion and in the opinion of numerous Sprinter mechanics) an improperly joined assembly “living” in vibration and heat rich environment while being subjected to high pressure. Our ADAP09 turbo hose adapter is made of solid billet aluminum with “hose-friendly”, well-rounded and smooth hose attach points and is “happy” in all three environments.

What Sprinter models are affected?

All 2007 and up models equipped with the 3 liters, V6 turbo diesel. Models prior to 2007 are experiencing the same type of failure on only one hose fitting, however, it is a larger diameter and they use our ADAP06 model.

Will replacing the stock turbo hose with the ADAP09 Turbo hose adapter void my new vehicle warranty?

No. Dealers carry our part in stock and regularly install our ADAP09 for customers rather than replacing the original hose assemblies because a) it is much less expensive for the customer and b) the hose end will not suffer the cracking failure at the end of the hose, while replacing the original hose with another original hose will leave the customer facing the same failure again and again. None of our customers have expressed any problems with warranty coverage after the installation of our ADAP09. Actually, the dealers themselves want to see their customers satisfied so they have no incentive to balk at replacement parts that keep customers happy without affecting the longevity or performance of their vehicles. Every customer we have spoken with is happy with the product. Most importantly, legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act 15 U.S.C. 2302(C). Further, our ADAP09 conforms to the internal size of the original part and causes NO difference in performance. It makes no change to the operational aspects of the vehicle. It does not alter the emission control systems in any way. It simply replaces a constantly failing hose assembly with a lifetime billet aluminum part.

If my turbo hoses are working ok now should I wait until I have trouble to replace it?

After speaking with our customers, and listening to many stories of being stranded multiple times or nearly being rear-ended because of turbo hose-end failures, (some have experienced multiple failures in the first 5,000 miles of operations), our answer can only be to avoid being stuck or ending your vacation or workday on a tow hook, we advise replacing both metal hose ends with our ADAP09 turbo hose adapters as soon as possible to avoid ever having to worry about a breakdown at an inconvenient time or place.

Is it difficult or time-consuming to install?

No. Our ADAP09 turbo hose adapter, designed by us at the request of Dodge, Billet aluminum replacement designed to last the life of the vehicle. It comes with clear and simple directions and takes about 18 minutes to install with only a few common hand tools. Truly, anyone who can install a radiator hose will have no trouble quickly replacing this part. (Please click on our installation instructions PDF and you can see how easy it is to install)

How is it that your company is providing the fix instead of Dodge?

For over thirty years our company has been in the business of providing fast and quality solutions for all types of OEM manufacturing companies for complex problems with vehicles, computers, robotics, aircraft, and many other applications. We provide full-service fast turnaround design, fabrication, CNC machining, Injection molding, etc. In this case, a local Dodge dealer with knowledge of our company approached us for this particular solution which Dodge dealers across the Country have approved and are now stocking.

I have heard about hoses “popping off” the adaptors under pressure. Is this a problem?

There have been instances where installers did not properly clean the inside of the hose from diesel oil or simply did not torque the clamps tightly enough. We researched this issue and now supply with every ADAP09 (or ADAP06) a new wider and shielded stainless steel “liner” clamp designed for high torque, high-pressure applications. The liner prevents the clamp screw from “digging into” the rubber hoses as the clamp is tightened. We have tested these clamps under full loads and have experienced zero “pop-offs” when the clamps are properly torqued to our specs provided in the installation instructions.

(please see our installation instructions PDF on this site.)




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