Alcoa Six Wheel Kit for a 3500 Sprinter Van No Polish Needed – 16 x 5.5 – Free Shipping


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Alcoa Six Wheel Kit for a 3500 Sprinter Van No Polish Needed – 16 x 5.5 – Free Shipping

What does no polish needed mean?

It means that this item comes treated so that you do not have to polish it in order to get that “I just polished my wheels” look for your vehicle.

Wait, if it has a treatment then does that mean I’m going to have to worry about that treatment? Am I going to have be extra careful when I drive around so I don’t lose the treatment or damage my rim?

The treatment does not require you to drive in any certain way although you should always exercise some caution when driving around anywhere. The manufacturer says that the treatment helps the wheel to resist chips and peeling which should help you keep it looking new way after other wheels would normally look old and worn.

I’ve bought other stuff what was “made” for the Sprinter only to find out that it was really for something else and I had to use it in a very makeshift way. Is this actually made for the Sprinter or am I going to have to DIY a solution to get it on my Sprinter?

The wheels you are looking at was made with the Sprinter in mind and they are not intended for any other vehicle. They should fit your vehicle without any problems at all.

I’d like to limit the weight of my vehicle. Is this a good way to go if I’m trying to be conscious about how much weight my vehicle possesses?

If you are concerned with getting your vehicle lighter then changing your rims is a great way to go. Especially because these are aluminum wheels and much lighter than steel wheels or rims.


Mercedes Sprinter Van 3500 Ultra Hunter Dually Wheels

I’ve heard that my brakes can reach 500 degrees when… Well… I’m braking. It worries me a little bit. I’ve also heard that aluminum is great at getting ride of heat. Is that true? Is this a good way to make sure my brakes do not overheat?

It might be helpful for that usage. Heat can certainly make things degrade faster. However, depending on a rim to make sure that your brakes stay in good condition is not a great idea if you are just depending on that to keep your car from having a reduced ability to brake. It is helpful but it will not be overwhelming. However, with that said there, aluminum does have a good ability to get rid of heat and it can help your tires brakes last longer to a certain point.

Is that why I should care about heat as it relates to my tire and my brakes?

Correct. If you want them to last as long as possible then you should try to give the most favorable conditions to do so.

I’ve seen that rim protection products are a thing but I think that the rim should resist damage too. How well does this product do that?

You should not expect miracles but the manufacturer says that these wheels are most resistant to damage than other types you might find in the marketplace.

I’ve heard that these are lighter than conventional wheels that are made of other materials. However, do you know an exact measurement of just how much different they are than other rims or wheels?

The manufacturer tells us that these are 12 lbs lighter than other wheels in the same category as these.

You can see a list of the vehicles these wheels will fit right below here:

  • Mercedes-Benz 3500 Cab Chassis & Sprinter Van
  • Freightliner 3500 Cab Chassis & Cargo Vans
  • Dodge 3500 Sprinter Van

My friend says this is a J-type wheel. What does that mean?

Your friend is trying to tell you that the rim flange is J-shaped. Rim flanges that are j-shaped are the most common for passenger vehicles. It also means that is not unusual to find these j-shaped rim flanges because J shapes are the most common type of any vehicle that is meant to carry passengers.

I’ve heard this is an aluminum wheel. Does that make the load rating of this wheel much smaller?

Fortunately, no. You still get the load rating of 2337 that the other wheels of this type hold. In fact, you get it without much less weight.

Why do I care about heat and my rims?

Braking can cause a lot of heat due to the friction involved. Expelling that heat is very helpful in extending the longevity of any automobile parts.

I’m planning to sell this thing and upgrade some day. These things look really nice. I’d imagine they’d help me sell later if I want. Correct?

The wheels that you are currently viewing should help with your resale value or your trade-in value. It is very hard to resist a nice set of wheels on almost any vehicle that is decently maintained.

What did you say this wheels are made of again?

Aluminum is what these rims or wheels happen to be.

How much lighter are these, in pounds, from normal wheels of the same type anyway?

The official measurement is around 12 lbs.

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