Skydome Swag Tent for Sprinter, Promaster, or Transit Vans


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Skydome Swag Tent for Sprinter, Promaster, or Transit Vans

What is the mattress of this thing made of?

It is made up of a high-density corrugated 3-inch foam mattress.

What kinds of things have they done to make sure that this thing stays dry especially away from the zippers?

They have developed a rain guide that makes sure that rain gets guided away from your zippers.

What about these eyelets? What are they made of and are they going to rust?

They made the eyelets out of brass. The brass is nickel-plated. They have good protection against corrosion.

What about the front door? Is there anything special about it? Does it have a mesh?

The front door features an ultra-fine mesh inner door. It will provide the ventilation that you are looking for while keeping the bugs away. It also gives you a great view of the sky at the same time.

What kind of zippers does this thing use?

It uses YKK zippers. The zippers are built into the doors and windows. However, there is a rain gutter that is built into the main door so that minimal amounts of water enter into your living area.

What about the bow of this thing? Are they strong? What are they made of?

The bows you use to keep this tent in shape are made of aluminum. They are also 11mm in diameter. They store easily in the provided bag and are very durable.

What does this tent do for ventilation?

The swag tent has canvas flaps. It also has an insect-proof mesh that is located on the roof. It is a mesh that can be covered if the weather included rain. However, it provides good airflow if the weather is too warm and you want some wind going through the cabin area without the bugs entering as well.

What is the canvas made of? I want something that is going to last me a while if possible.

The canvas of this product is made up of a very heavy-duty rot proofed canvas that is rated at 500gsm water. It has been fully tested to meet the requirements set forth by Australia.

Just how waterproof is this thing anyway? Are there official numbers?

We were told that this product has a 970gsm PVC base. It also has a 75mm return tub to help protect you from rainwater. It also includes what they call a “second defense”. The corners are sealed and welded. They also make use of a PVC anchor tab. They are used to make sure that water stays outside where it belongs. It is meant to give you extra protection around the seams of the product.

swag tent cargo gear v1 f1

I’ve seen that this thing includes some kind of bag with it. Could you tell me more about that storage bag?

The bag you are talking about is called the Swag Bag. It has molded rubber carry handles to make it easier to transport without hurting your hands. It also includes a shoulder strap that is removable if you rather use that instead. It also comes in two sizes. It also has four adjustable tie-down straps that are built into the bag. They are there to help you secure the bag to a roof rack without needing more straps.


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