Sprinter Van Secondary / Auxiliary Sway Bar

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Our auxiliary rear sway bar kit represents a new way of thinking when it comes to sway control. This sway bar in ADDED and would be the SECOND Sway Bar to your System.

This system is a forward facing rear sway bar that mounts in front of the axle housing. With the end links mounting “mid frame”, the dynamics of a second sway bar offers outstanding handling characteristics, especially when combined with our other suspension products. The vehicle tracks better while driving down the road and the rear of the vehicle follows the front much better when entering and exiting corners. The rear of your Sprinter will also have reduced body roll when cornering or pulling and out of driveways. The auxiliary sway bar is designed for Sprinters that carry a lot of weight, are at or near max GVW and that need additional weight and sway control.

The kit includes a 1 1/2″ sway bar, sway bar to axle mounting brackets, bar end links with mounting brackets and Poly bushings. The installation requires drilling 4 holes in non-critical areas. Installation time is about 3 hours.

Minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your vehicle. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the rear axle and to the frame to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll.


  • Made in the USA
  • Made with polyurethane bushings instead of the standard rubber variety for a longer-lasting system
    • Polyurethane is durable and resistant to damage caused by oil, gasoline and ozone
    • Less wear means less give in the system and better support
    • Diminishes effects of crosswinds, passing motorists and shifting cargo
  • Minimizes side-to-side movement to improve the overall stability of your vehicle
    • Lets you execute turns and quick maneuvers with confidence
    • Allows for a level ride, even on irregular surfaces
    • Reduces driver fatigue – minimizes effort required to keep your van in line
    • Constructed of thick 4140 chromoly steel for superior strength
  • Designed to fit your vehicle and work in conjunction with its suspension system
    • Attaches to rear axle and to chassis – uses weight of axle to brace frame as it shifts in turns
    • Engineered to avoid interference with most popular aftermarket add-ons and accessories
  • Includes heavy-gauge mounting hardware, easy-to-follow instructions and bushing lubricant



  • Bar diameter: 1-1/2″
  • Limited 1-year warranty


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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 23 × 13 in