Sprinter Van Window Rear Multi / Sunscreen Insulation


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Sprinter Rear Multi/Sunscreen


What are these made to do?

They are intended to help you keep the sun from getting inside your vehicle or from letting the heat escape your vehicle in the winter.

I’m guessing these are good for privacy as well.

Yes. They are great for privacy. They will keep prying eyes away from inside your Sprinter.

Are those suction cups on the product?

Yes. Very observant. They are, indeed, suction cups. However, they are high-quality suction cups. You may not be able to tell by the picture but this is not the same as the toy grade suction cups other companies use.

The back of this screen looks high quality. Is it fair to say that it is?

Yes. We were told that they have ten layers of insulation which should help you keep temperatures in your Sprinter at the levels you want instead of letting the weather decide how things are inside your Sprinter.

Is this a heavy product? It looks like a quilt so I’m a little worried about it.

No. It is not a heavy product. It looks like it might be heavy but it ends up not being that way at all.

I heard this also helps to reduce condensation, is that true?

The information we have from the manufacturer says that it is true.

Will this fit my Sprinter van? I know I see the video and all that but I just want to be sure before I put down any money.

Sure, a valid concern. The sunscreens are cut to fit Sprinters specifically and should fit perfectly in your van.

How do I stow this when not in use?

The unit we received in the mail had a storage bag. We believe you should be getting one as well if you order the product.


Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2019

Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2019 (barn door pair)-


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