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We will need to know/ Choices:

Case color=Black or White
Vinyl or OBravia fabric
Moto/Crank location (left or right)
Remote Control & Motion Sensor / or the Wall Rocker Switch.


The G-Link motors and control modules provided by Girard Systems communicate by
use of RF signals on a frequency of 433.92 MHZ. This eliminates the need for wiring
and the drilling of holes in the vehicle. These components must be electronically
matched, programmed or paired before use. This is usually done at the Girard Systems
factory. Should the need arise for the user to pair a device with the motor controller
they must refer to the appropriate manual for the devices applicable to their particular

The GG 750 Awning consists of three main components:
1. Mechanical system –
 The folding arms that supports the lead rail and the fabric.
 The tubular motor which is mounted inside of the roller tube that controls the
extension and retraction of the awning.
2. Electronic controls – to power and operate the motor
 Motion Sensor – 98GC779, which enables automatic retraction of the awning
during periods of high wind that may damage the awning system.
 Ignition retract and lock module – GC 1102 for 110v systems, GC946G for 12v
systems. This will send a retract signal to all extended awnings on the vehicle as
soon as the ignition is turned on, then all power is removed from the awning
motors after 60 seconds to ensure that the awnings cannot be deployed while
the vehicle is in motion.
 Motor Control module – Various, depending upon the product purchased. This
works in conjunction with the other electronic controls and the user controls
included in the installation to extend and retract the awning as required.
3. User Controls – Hand held remote controllers and wall mounted remote
switches will differ according to the individual customer’s needs, single or multi-
channel handsets, with or without LED switching facility, and wall switches will
differ depending upon how many awnings they are required to control.


The GG 750 dual pitch awning system provides protection from the sun at a touch of a
button. The GG 750 awning is built to your specifications with the highest quality
materials available, your unit features:

 A standard motor that operates with a wireless motor control, or a
wireless motor that operates with an integrated motor control.
 Motion Sensor that will retract the awning to prevent damage from the
 A hand held Remote Control
 A wall mounted Remote Switch
 Options include; electronic automation controls to ensure proper closing
at all times, a control to retract all awnings when the vehicles’ motor is
started, and more….

The GG 750 awning controls use an RF (radio frequency) link to communicate with each
other. This simplifies the installation and maintenance by removing the need for
extensive wiring. This RF network is called the G-Link system. For more information
please refer to the G-Link manual that was included with your awning. All necessary
power cables are supplied with this product.


Tools required:
 Electric Drill
 Tape measure
 (2) ladders
 Socket wrench: 7/16” deep socket
 Chalk line
 Flat head screwdriver (small)
 Phillips screwdriver
 Caulking gun
 (2) tubes silicone caulking
 Drill bits: 1/8”, 3/8”, and 7/16”
 Allen wrenches: 5mm and 4mm
 Open-end wrenches: 10mm, 19mm
 Keyhole saw



Additional information

Awning Case Color

Black, White & Grey 4-6 Week Special Order

Fabric Type

Vinyl, O'Bravia

Motor / Crank Location

Left side, Right Side

Control Type

Remote Control & Motion Sensor, Wall Rocker Switch


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Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 150 × 8 × 8 in