Sprinter Van Black Rhino Overland Wheels


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Sprinter Van Black Rhino Overland Wheels

This product is compatible with all 2500 Sprinters made after 2007. It is also compatible with the Sprinter 4×4 made after 2007. 

What is the fitment of these wheels? Where do they go?

They go on the front and the rear of the vehicle.

What is the finish on the product?

It is a black matte finish.

What is the total load rating of the tires?

Black rhino says that this number is 2700.

What is the seat type of the tires?

The information we have about this says that this is an A cone.

Did Black Rhino mention anything about the offset?

Yes. They did. They said that the offset of these wheels is 52.

What is the PCD of the wheels?

Black Rhino says that this is 6×130.

Do you happen to have the part number assigned to these wheels by Black Rhino?

Yes. It is 1780VRL526130M84 and 1880VRL526130M84 depending on which one you are getting for your Sprinter van.

I see that it has five spokes like over wheels but it looks so different. Does this affect the performance in any way?

No. You get the same performance you have come to expect out of a Black Rhino product.

So, it retains the strength of a five-spoke wheel then?

Yes. It has all the durability and strength of other five-spoke wheels that have a more traditional design.

I get the feeling that finish would complement my vehicle well. Is that true?

Black does go with a multitude of color schemes. It should not be a problem if you are trying to match it up with other colors.

What does the lip do? It seems like it is larger than other “lips” I have seen on other items.

It allows the wheel to be compatible with unusually sized tires. The manufacturer calls them “oversized” tires in some of the materials we received about this product.

What are the two sizes this product comes in… At least for my Sprinter vehicle?

17×8 and 18×8.


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17×8, 18×8


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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 9 in