Sprinter Van Conversion DIY Solar Battery




EMAIL [email protected] If you are interested Solar Batteries we have lots of varieties and inverters and everything you need to make a compete solar system for your Mercedes / Freightliner and Dodge Sprinter Conversion Van

the Battery shown is a =====

AGM battery
12 Volt nominal
100Ah capacity @ 20hr
Length = 13.09″
Width = 6.60″
Height = 9.25″
Weight = 65lbs

Things to consider before a lithium upgrade:

  • A basic lithium battery upgrade can start around $5,000 as a DIY project, and more advanced systems can cost more than $15,000 when installed by AM Solar.  Complete projects involving solar charging, inverter systems and lithium batteries occasionally exceed $25,000.  Expect 40-60 hours of labor plus 1 hour per battery at $120/hr for professional installation.
  • Because the voltage of lithium batteries does not change in relation to charge level as much as it does with lead-acid batteries, a BMS (Battery Management System) must be used with lithium batteries to protect them from being overly charged or discharged.
  • Lithium batteries will be damaged if charged at freezing temperatures.  Because of this, our systems include cold charge disconnect systems (only compatible with Victron Multiplus inverter/chargers).
  • If your goal is to run an air conditioner, know that one fully charged 200Ah lithium battery will give you about one hour of run time on a typical 15,000 BTU air conditioner, assuming no other loads.

“My wife and I have just arrived home after 10 weeks on the road, traveling about 8,000 miles as far as Texas and back thru the Southwest camping all the way in the van.  The Victron battery performed flawlessly the entire way and has exceeded even my most fervent expectations.  What has been especially gratifying is how quickly it recharges whenever we travel even short distances.  What a beautiful system!  Thank you so much for the part you played in enabling such satisfaction.”

Frank from Oregon


Battery Specs.png

*The installation of an AMS Lithium battery system is one of the most complex RV power system upgrades available. We can confidently say that nobody else does anything like it and it is very unlikely that anybody else will be able to match our attention to detail, component quality or ability to stand behind our work. These systems are not cheap, and the custom installation is very labor intensive. Our clients purchase these systems because they want the best there is, not because they want something inexpensive. Tremendous demand has us installing one of these systems each week, and every installation is different due to the variety of rigs we work on. Our goal is to have each project brought in on Monday and finished by Friday, but be prepared to have to stay through the following Tuesday. Unforeseen installation challenges may force the project to take longer than expected and our installers have families that need them on the weekends.


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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 10 in