Sprinter Van Covers for 170 Inch Extended Wheel Base


Please note that the picture is of a 144″ cover, however, you will receive a 170 extended version of the same cover.

Included Gifts:

  • FREE Cable Lock Kit
  • FREE Storage Bag
  • FREE Accessory Kit – Optional Gust Guard

Currently working on correcting some fitting issues with certain models. Email pictures of your extended 170" to [email protected] and Jarred will see if we have a cover that will for your Sprinter before you order.

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Sprinter Van Cover for 170 Extended Wheel Base Sprinter Vans

Click Here for a great cover for your 170″ Wheel Base Sprinter

WE ARE EXPERIENCING FITMENT ISSUES WITH THE 170″ WB EXTENDED EMAIL [email protected] to find the right fitment for your extended 170-inch wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter Van.


FREE Cable Lock KitFREE Storage BagFREE Accessory Kit – Optional Gust Guard

The cover you are looking at it is designed to be very functional. It fits loosely, however, you can use a pin to get the look you want. You should also know that you will probably need a ladder to use this item as Sprinter vans do tend to be tall vehicles.

How many different types of covers do you have right now?

We have two covers. Please note that both of them are a bit longer than they need to be so that you can get the look you want on your terms.

Are these waterproof?

The fabric is highly resistant to water and should withstand the rain in your area. They are made to stand up to the weather here in the Northwest part of the United States. If you get less rainfall than we do then these should work perfectly for you.

Will the inside of this cover scratch my Sprinter? I’ve had some covers and they sometimes have unfortunate results.

The inside of the cover is has a soft fleece-like lining on purpose. You should have no problems with it damaging your Sprinter. Of course, there are aberrations but it is highly unusual.

Wait, you said the lining is a fleece thing but the outside is waterproof. It seems like the inside would get wet unless there were a high amount of layers… Can you tell me about that?

Sure. There are five layers including the outside and the inside layer. The layers should provide ample protection from the weather when you need it.

Ok, well does it work well in the snow? Does it do well in ice and/or wind?

We do have customers who have used this in those conditions and we have not heard a complaint about it yet.

What makes it so special then?

The fabric has a microporous layer that gives your vehicle the chance to breathe while keeping out moisture and heat.

Here is the rundown of some features you will love about this Sprinter van cover.

  • The wind is no issue with our non-scratch tie-down grommets. You can make it even better if you use our cable lock kit which we include, for free, when you purchase this item.
  • The cover also has elastic end pieces which means that you can manipulate it to get a nice tight look.
  • The cover has a very thick lining. In fact, it is a 5-layer fabric. It will absorb some small impacts like hail. It may not protect against all dents but it is better than having no protection from impact.
  • The microporous nature of the cover means that heat and moisture are almost an afterthought after getting this cover and using it.
  • The 5 layers of protection include 3 barrier layers which are made up of a breathable water-resistant film, a special non-woven fabric and the soft fleece lining we spoke of earlier. All of these work together to absorb impact, keep your vehicle dry, and keep some of the harsher temperatures from damaging the finish of your Sprinter
  • Some of those layers even feature a UV treatment which gives you even more protection from the elements.
  • FREE cable lock kit, storage bag, antenna patch, and replacement grommets
  • Ultrasonically welded seams for intense water protection
  • The cover can be used indoors or outdoors. It is an all-season cover you will love.
  • Acid rain a concern? The cover is a great shield from much harsher weather phenomena.
  • It is fast and easy to install on your Sprinter. In fact, most people can do it in under a minute.
*Please know that we tested the cover on a Sprinter that did not have aftermarket parts installed. We cannot guarantee fitment if you do have any aftermarket parts on your Sprinter. The tests were run on stock Sprinters with OEM roof AC.

Additional information

Roof Type


Sprinter Length

140 Inch 2002-2006 Wheel Base, 144 Inch 2007-2018, 170 Inch Wheel Base, 170 Inch Wheel Base Extended


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

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