Sprinter Van Diesel Air Heater 12V 5KW/16000BTU with Silencer



12V 5KW 16000BTU Air Diesel Heater for Vans with Silencer.


With over 20-years of experience, the Sprinter Van Heater manufacturer has become a leader in producing diesel heaters and engine heaters in the global market.  It‘s heating products can meet the warm-up needs of most vehicles in different climatic conditions.  In comparison to others on the market, the materials used in these heaters are fully RoHS compliant and will not produce any toxic effects.  In addition, this heater system is fully compliant with CE and FCC standards as well as having passed TUV certification to ensure quality and reliability.

Nylon 66 as well as 100% high-grade plastic and aluminum parts ensure this unit will withstand the rough handling and conditions present on any extended adventure.  Furthermore, the 2025 stainless steel heater burner, combustor with an 8-year life span and precise air/fuel flow all ensure virtually no soot.

What kind of voltage is produced by this heater?

The heater is capable of producing 12v.

How long can I have this heater on? I drive long distances sometimes for business and, sometimes, fun. Is this heater going to be able to handle that kind of use rate?

The system is designed to be efficient and to be used for long periods of time. You should not have a problem.

Alright, but what about the temps. I’d imagine this heater gets hot?

The temperature of this item is made to operate between -40℃ to +20℃.

What about the oil pump?

It has the same working temperature of -40℃ to +20℃.

If it is efficient then just how efficient is it?

It varies depending on the setting but, at its highest load, fuel consumption is 0.475 liters per hour or 0.126 gallons per hour.

You were talking about the fuel up there… What type of fuel does this heater take again?

It works off of the same type of diesel fuel used to power your Sprinter Van that is available at most traditional gas stations.

What am I getting in the package when I get this heater?

You will get the following things in the package when you order this heater:

  • 1 x Air Heater
  • 1 x Silencer
  • 1 x Easy Start Electronic Controller
  • 1 x Wire Harness
  • 1 x Vent
  • 1 x Air Outlet Pipe
  • 1 x Intake Pipe
  • 1 x Exhaust Pipe
  • 1 x Fuel Pump w/Bracket
  • 1 x Tank Connection
  • 1 x Fuel Pipe/Hose
  • 1 x Mounting Plate
  • 1 x Installation Kit
  • 1 x Instruction Manual in English

Is this thing going to take up a bunch of room in my van?

This kit is made to fit under your floor or inside the interior of your vehicle. It is relatively small and compact. In fact, it is the same size as an Espar heater; coming in at 310mm X 122mm X 115mm.

Is this supposed to be like the Espar heater?

Yes. This item is supposed to be similar to the Espar heater. If you are looking for an item similar to that product then you should consider this one.

Well, if it is supposed to be like the Espar then I need to know how much power this heater has, can you tell me that?

The manufacturer specification rates this capable of delivering 5KW of power.

Wait, so which one is more powerful? The Espar or this one?

Technically, it is this model. It is capable of 5KW and the Espar puts out 2.2KW. But that does not mean that it is more efficient. It could use more fuel. However, it will probably heat an area faster but you should be wary of where you have that heat directed in case of fire. Anytime heat is involved then you should be careful of what could be heated in the process of making your cabin warm.

Will this kit also work on my Ram Promaster or Ford Transit?

Yes, this heater is capable of being installed in either of those vans.


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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 7 in