Mercedes Sprinter Van Hellwig 7239 Rear Sway Bar Kit 2002-2006 – 2500 – FREE SHIPPING



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What is the fitment of these rear sway bars kits?

The rear sway bars will fit into Sprinter vans between the years of 2002-2006 that are also 2500 versions. They also may or may not have an existing sway bar.

Is there anything I should know about buying these sway bars?

You should know that the actual shipping cost may be different than what you are shown on this page. We will have to calculate it and refund you the difference if it exists. We will try to find the lowest possible cost and then use that to send you your item.

Why should I get this rear sway bar kit from you and not someone else? What makes it so special from you?

In a word, experience. Experience counts for a whole lot especially when you are talking about installing or changing a suspension system. We have installed this item for a long time and have a lot of experience putting it on many different types of Sprinter vehicles. Our knowledge is made up of real installations and not what we found on Youtube. We also helped Hellwig and Roadmaster by testing their products while they were in development. We had a hand in a lot of the advancements in sway bars for Sprinter vans because of this fact.

I’ve heard that I need something extra if I don’t have a sway bar. I mean a stock one from the manufacturer. Could you tell me about that and what I might need to install this item on my Sprinter van?

Yes. You need additional bolts for your end links. Send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions about this or to order the bolts that you need to complete the job.

How is this different than the normal methods of controlling the sway of a Sprinter vehicle?

The system is different because it mounts with the end links mid-frame. The additional sway bar gives the vehicle the ability to adjust for movement and stability over time, or in this case, over a journey no matter if that journey is only one mile or longer.

How does this affect the driving experience?

The suspension helps the Sprinter van track better when driving. What does track mean? It means that the rear of the vehicle will follow whatever the front of the Sprinter much better.

My Sprinter tends to give me a little body roll when I leave my house or when I pull out of a driveway. I’ve been looking for a way to get rid of it or to find some way of lessening it… Is this going to help me?

Yes. The rear sway bar will help your vehicle stay unified during these moments and will reduce things like the body roll that you are describing.

I’m sad to admit this for several reasons, but I carry a lot of weight in my Sprinter. I’m actually near my GVW… I need something to help me control the weight. Will this help me?

Yes. The product will help you control the weight and keep your Sprinter moving in a more predictable way.

What is in the kit anyway?

The kit includes a 1 1/2″ sway bar, mounting brackets, poly bushings, and a sway bar to axle mounting brackets.

Any idea of the time investment I am looking at if I decide to get this and install it?

If everything goes without a problem then you can expect that the installation will take around three hours of time to complete.

What does a regular sway bar do?

Most sway bars are a link between the suspension system and the frame of your vehicle. They use the weight of the axle to brace against the chassis. The weight of the vehicle is then resisted by the sway bar.

I’ve heard that rear sway bars are thicker. Is that true?

Yes. It is completely true. It has a quarter to three-eights of an inch more thickens than their regular counterparts.

Does that increase in thickness actually have an effect on the ability of the system as a whole to resist stresses?

Yes. The numbers we have available to us tell us that torsional roll stiffness is increased by 30 percent with every eighth-of-an-inch added to the diameter of the sway bar.

What does that mean for this sway bar then?

It means that there is up to a 90% upgrade in the system’s ability to resist swaying.

How many different kits are available… I mean how many different types of vehicles is a rear sway bar available?

The sway bar you are looking at has a variation that will fit 150 different trucks, vans, SUV’s, or motorhomes. All of them are designed for the specific vehicles they will fit.

How easy is the installation?

Fairly easy once you get past the drilling you need to do. Most of the kits only need eight bolts.

What can you tell me about those bolts?

The bolts come with bushing lubricant, directions, and heavy-gauge mounting hardware.

What about the sway bar itself? What can you tell me about that?

They are 4140 Chromoly steel bars. They have a large diameter and powder-coated. They also have polyurethane bushings that give you the most support you can get enhanced durability when compared with factory bars.

Additional information

Vehicle Year

2002-2006, 2007-2017

Vehicle Type

2500, 3500

Factory Equiped

Vehicle Has Factory Sway bar Installed, NO Factory Sway Bar Exists


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Weight 30 lbs
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