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This is a polymer that you put on your Sprinter instead of wax, but this will last over 5 years. It will make your Sprinter look like it was just waxed and shine like new. This also helps to repel dirt, pollutants and other types of debris, meaning you won’t need to wash your vehicle as much.  This polymer coats your vehicle and giving it a negative polarity.

Cutting Edge Technology – TOUGHGUARD’s unique resin/polymer formulation bonds with surfaces, providing a perfectly clear, Nano-thin barrier coat protecting against destructive environmental elements and man-made contaminants for years.

TOUGHGUARD Protects For Years

ToughGaurd® lasts years not months.  ToughGuard sets industry standards for performance and durability. Even the “high-end” Carnauba waxes and other sealants and polymer products on the market only last for months due to melting off or washing off. ToughGuard’s ® high temperature thermal threshold is 450ºf making it virtually impossible to melt off like the “competitive” products.

This package includes 4 oz of step one, and 4oz of step to plenty to do your sprinter then some.

Much more than a wax or other sealants and polymers, TOUGHGUARD bonds to painted and metal surfaces creating a Nano-thin barrier preventing penetration by destructive environmental elements and man-made contaminants. TOUGHGUARD is free of Teflon® and silicon, contains anti-static properties and is the only product of its kind that employs Nanoscience technology to create a perfectly smooth surface that reduces drag and literally repels dust and debris.

 Preserve that “show-room shine” while protecting your investment with ToughGuard’s proven Nanoscience technology.

Why Nanotechnology?
Even the smoothest surfaces contain microscopic gaps and crevices. Without adequate protection, debris and contaminants can penetrate and degrade these areas.

TOUGHGUARD is the only protectant available in the global market that is scientifically proven to be true Nano-science technology. TOUGHGUARD nano-particles are so microscopically small they completely fill microscopic gaps and crevices then self-level across the surface to create an ultra-smooth surface and deep shine and protection that outlast every leading paint treatment, wax or sealant.

Nanoscience at Work

The Nanoscience in TOUGHGUARD’s resin/polymer enables our high-performance solution to cross-link and embed deeper and bond denser inside the microscopic cavities of your asset surface. The greatly increased number of smaller particles allows more attachment points which produce a protectant with much stronger durability. As these embedded particles self-level and harden, a flatter and perfectly smooth finish is the result. Dirt and contaminate particles now have an inhibited ability to attach to the surface.

True Aviation Grade Protection –  New generation sealants claim to be “aviation grade” and talk a good “sexy” game, but these products do not hold up to the ironclad performance and history of ToughGuard®. Commercial, corporate, US Military and private aircraft customers have all benefited from the durability and performance of ToughGuard®. for years. Test results are backed by certified, accredited, independent testing laboratories. These test results coupled with real-world results and years of customer satisfaction prove not only the validity of our product but for its superiority over competing products.

Five Year Guarantee — HR ToughGuard® offers a five-year warranty insured and underwritten by an A+ BBB rated insurance company.  You will not find any “small print” exceptions in our guarantee. A one-time application by a certified installer is guaranteed to ensure our customers with an impressive, long-lasting and protected coating for at least five years.

Simplify Cleanup — Other sealants, polymers, traditional waxes, and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants and wash away with washing detergents. But ToughGuard® actually repels dirt and dust, making clean-up easier while providing the ultimate shine and protection. Bug residue, bird droppings, salt adhesion, pollutants, and road grime wash away quickly and easily, minimizing labor, usage of water and chemicals.

Protect the Environment

Minimize Impact — Because ToughGuard® helps to repel dirt, pollutants and other types of debris,  a significant savings of water and a reduction of detergents is realized for routine cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a positive impact for our environment.

Reduce Carbon Emissions — Decreased surface friction results in reduced carbon emissions, greater fuel economy and lowering your global carbon footprint.

TOUGHGUARD® tested & certified.

Certifications prove that our products have conformed to industry standards and specifications for use as a surface treatment. Each certification indicates application suitability with a specific manufacturer and category. If you are unsure as to the safety or usage standards for a purpose or product not listed on this list please contact our support team to address your use and ensure conformity.

TOUGHGUARD® Test Results.

Validation: “the act of validating; finding or testing the truth or something” – wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

It’s one thing to talk about performance and another to back it up with independent laboratory testing and real-world results. The performance and durability of ToughGuard® is validated by both. Testing is welcomed as every time our product tested it exceeds expectations and leaves favorable impressions on those conducting the test.

View Test Result Sheets:

Aftermarket Automotive Paint Sealant Test Results

Nano Characterization Test Results

Surface Roughness ONAMI Test Results


Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) 1526C

Boeing D6-17487 Revision R

British Aerospace (AIRBUS) AIMS09-00-002

Douglas Aircraft Company Customer Service Document (CSD) #1

Material Safety Data Sheets:

MSDS Step 1

MSDS Step 2



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