Sprinter Van Conversion Wall Cabinet 16 x 14 x 24 – No Back Panel



Sprinter Van Conversion Wall Cabinet 16 x 14 x 24 – No Back Panel

What is the height of this cabinet?

The cabinet is 16 inches high.

The dimensions are strange, what is the middle number, what is the 14 inch?

14 inches is the depth of the cabinet.

Does that make 24 the width?

Yes. 24 inches is actually the width of the cabinet.

Does it have a top panel?

The top panel is actually included in the package.

What about the bottom panel?

Yes. The bottom panel is included in the package as well.

I can’t tell by the photos… Are the doors double lined?

The cabinets are doubled lined even though it might be hard to see.

What is the hinge-like? What kind of hinge does it use?

It is a full-length piano hinge.

How do I open this thing? What is the mechanism?

The cabinet has a trigger latch so that opening the cabinet is easy and so is closing the cabinet as well.

What color is the mainframe? I get confused because people always name colors differently.

The official color is silver. However, it does have a powder coat which may make it not the traditional silver you are used to looking at when someone talks about something being silver.

Are there mounting flanges for this cabinet?

It comes with flanges.

Where was this thing made? I’d like to support when I can.

It was made in the USA.

I hear that Sprinter cabinets are sometimes sent without a back panel. Is that the case with this cabinet?

Yes, that is true in this case. The cabinet does not have a back panel.

Can I get a locking latch?

Yes. It is possible but it is sold separately.

Is there any other color options for this cabinet?

Yes. You can get the grey and black version but that is a different product and must be bought as a separate item.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 24 in