Sprinter Van Wolo Back-Up Alarm w/ flashing LED Lights


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Sprinter Van Wolo Back-Up Alarm w/ flashing LED Lights

This product is compatible with all 12-24 volt vehicles.

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What is this thing?

This is a back-up alarm for your vehicle.

Back-up alarm? What is a back-up alarm?

A back-up alarm is designed to warn others that you are backing up with a powerful beeping sound.

How loud is the back-up alarm?

The back-up alarm is 97 decibels.

Which vehicles are compatible with this back-up alarm?

This back-up alarm is compatible with all 12 or 24-volt vehicles. This includes the majority of the vehicles on the marketplace today.

Who manufactured this back-up alarm?

Wolo is the manufacturer of this back-up alarm.

I’m worried about rain damage as I live in a state where it rains way too much, is this back-up alarm weatherproof?

According to our manufacturer, this back-up alarm is sealed in rock hard epoxy, making it capable to withstand any weather condition.

Do you guys have any installation instructions for this back-up alarm?

Yes, we do. Follow this link and you will see the instructions provided by Wolo. 

What kind of flashing lights come with this back-up alarm?

This back-up alarm comes with three clear 1 watt LED lights.

Product specifications:

  • Voltage range: 10-80 Volts DC
  • Decibels: 97
  • Flashing Lights: 3 Clear 1 Watt LEDS
  • IP Rating: Meets IP67 standards
  • Compatible with 12-24 volt vehicles


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