Sprinter Van Conversion Van Wood – Aluminum – Cabinets – 24 Inch




24 Inch Sprinter Van Wood / Aluminum / Other types of Cabinet’s

Sprinter Van Wall Cabinet, 16″H x 14″D x 24″W RHH – Grey/Black

  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Full Door Length Piano Hinge
  • Mini-texture Black Main Frame, Powder coated
  • Fine Texture Charcoal Grey Cover Panels and Door, Powder-coated
  • Double Lined Door
  • Textured Chrome Trigger Latch for Easy Opening and Closing
  • Single, Horizontal Swinging Door – Right Side Hinged
  • Mounting Flanges, Full Rear Perimeter

**No back panel included with the cabinet.  Whatever van wall finishing you have or are missing will be what you see inside the cabinet.

*NOTE: Designed for use in Cargo Vans. Not compatible with OEM headliner.  Sprinter van walls must be reinforced and wall gaps bridged for proper installation. 1/8″ flat steel bar recommended, but 3/4″ plywood will work.  Shelves are not available for Sprinter Wall Cabinets as the depth of the cabinet changes with height. 


How do you ship these things? They aren’t fully assembled, are they?

No. You are correct. They come flat and you have to assemble them when you receive them.

What are the official dimensions of this cabinet?

It is, when assembled, 12 x 13 x 24.

Could you tell me more about those measurements?

Sure. The 12 inches is height. The 13 is the measure of how deep this cabinet measures and the 24 inches is how wide this cabinet is when you assemble it.

What are these cabinets made of out of anyway?

They are made of Apple Ply. They are actually 3/4 of an inch.

How many laminated sheets is that anyway?

It is 13 laminated sheets.

What kind of mounting brackets are they and are they going to withstand some bumpiness?

The cabinet brackets are made of aluminum. They should be able to withstand some good jolts fro traveling.

I tend to hit my head on my shelves in my Sprinter. Do these have anything that will protect me from hitting my head over and over?

Sure. The cabinets are angled so that they do not hit you on the forehead when you open your cabinets. They open parallel with the ceiling instead of perpendicular to the ceiling.

It looks like there is a light inside the cabinet. Is that true?

Yes. You can install an LED light there. However, you should know that it does not come with the cabinet.

Is this thing adjustable?

Yes. It is an adjustable cabinet.

In what way is this thing adjustable?

You can adjust it with the T-slot system included in your Sprinter van. You should be able to remove the cabinet fairly quickly using the same method.

I don’t want to use my T-slot system. Is there another way to install this thing?

Yes. You can use your Sprinter’s interior ribs but it might not be as adjustable this way. It also might take longer to set up because it is not as easy to set up.

My Sprinter has curves on the inside. Is this thing made with that in mind? I’d rather not struggle to install this thing.

Yes. The shelves were designed to fit your Sprinter perfectly.

What do I get in this kit?

You get one 24 inch Cabinet Kit. It will be unfinished Apple Ply boxes that include bamboo doors.

Additional information

Cabinet Type

WOOD Cabinet, ALUMINUM Cabinet


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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 7 in