Sprinter Van Conversion Wall Cabinet – 6007 – 16x24x18



Sprinter Van Conversion Wall Cabinet – 6007 – 16x24x18


What does come with this item?

You get the silver mainframe. You also get white cover panels and doors. You also get a trigger latch and a horizontal swinging door. You will also find a piano hinge. Finally, there are mounting flanges and a bottom panel.

Is a rear panel included with this thing?

No. There is no rear panel for this cabinet. A plus for some of you who have other plans for this cabinet. If you get creative then you can do a lot with this cabinet without having to remove the back panel.

What about the top panel?

The top panel is sold separately, locking latch, and optional shelves are also available separately.

What the dimensions of this cabinet?

The official dimensions are as follows: 16″x24″x18″.

How do those dimensions shake out? Like, which are which in that scenario?

The height is 16 inches, the length or depth as they refer to it as is 24 inches, and the width is 18 inches.

What is the part number of this cabinet again?

The part number is 6007.

What Sprinters does this fit?

The cabinet will fit any Sprinter as long as you have the room to install it in your van.

Where was this thing made?

They are produced in the USA.

Do these ever go on sale?

It is possible. It would be intelligent to come back and check as we do not know of any sales coming up at the time of this writing.


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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 24 × 18 in