Superwinch Exp10I S102737 | 10000 Wire Rope Winch


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Superwinch Exp10I S102737 | 10000 Wire Rope Winch

How many Picatinny rails does this winch have?

It has two accessory mounts you can use for whatever you have to desire.

If I run into some water am I going to have to worry about my electronics?

No. You should be fine. The electronics are fully pitted and should be able to handle some splashes of water.

What can you tell me about the remote?

You get a wired remote right out of the box. However, you can upgrade to a wireless control if you so desire. Both of the controls will vibrate if there are problems with your winch.

I’ve heard rumblings of an auto-engaging clutch. Is it true or are those just rumors?

It is true. The winch will auto-engage if you touch the winch controller. You do not need to walk back to your winch to get it to do it.

How easy is it work with the winch during the night time?

The unit has LED task lighting. It should help you accomplish what you need to accomplish.

What type of rope does this one use?

Our information says it uses a wire cable.

What makes the EXPi series better anyway?

It withstands mud, water, and other elements better because of its fully potted nature and it has a fast line speed as it scores in the mid-40’s.

What is the official winch model?

The information we have says that this is an EXPi 10.

I see you have a Superwinch that is 8,000 lbs rated. What is the rated line pull of this one?

It is 10,000 lbs or 4535 kgs.

Are the controls for the winch protected like the rest of the machine?

Yes. The controls are fully potted as well.

Does the gear ratio change at all?

The gear ratio we were quoted says 154:29:1.

You said the rope is wire, but how long is it?

The wire rope is 100′.

What kind of warranty does this thing have?

The warranty is a limited lifetime/5 year electrical warranty. If you have more questions about it then you can consult the owners manual for specific details.

How much does this thing weight anyway?

The winch weighs 110 lbs. The total kilograms of this thing is 49.9 kgs.

Interesting, but the battery leads might be the difference maker for me… What are the specs on the battery lead?

We have been told the battery leads specs are the following 96″ (1.83m)x 2 gauge.

How does the load to AMP to FPM look like?

is what we were told:

Load of 0

AMPS – 72

FPM – 47

Load of 2000

AMPS – 175

FPM – 20

Load of 4000

AMPS – 250

FPM – 16

Load of 6000

AMPS – 315

FPM – 12

Load of 8000

AMPS – 380

FPM – 9

Load of 10000

AMPS – 460

FPM – 6.50


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