SuperWinch EXP8Si S102734


S102734 is a winch by SuperWinch. It has a capacity of 8000 lbs and uses a 100' synthetic rope. You can find out more about it here and get it here too.

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SuperWinch EXP8Si S102734


What is the part number for this winch?

The part number for this winch by SuperWinch is S102734.

What is the capacity of the winch?

The capacity of this this winch is very similar to S102733 in that they both have a working capacity of 8000 lbs.

What type of rope does this thing use?

The Superwinch EXP8Si uses a synthentic cable.

What are the power ports like?

The power ports are 2 fused auxiliary power ports that you can use for trailside tools or lights you might need to use.

Does it have Picatinny rails that I can use? I’d like to hook up some cameras and a few other things.

Yes, it does. It actually has two of them that you can use.

I work a lot in the dark. Does it have some kind of lighting system I can use or hook up?

The SuperWinch S102734 has LED task lighting that you can use when things get dark around you and your winch.

I’m what you call an extreme user. I need to know my electronics are gonna work when I put them in… Tougher situations, what can you tell me about that?

The electronics are fully potted so they should be able to absorb a lock more shock and vibration than other electronics. It should also keep it moderately safe from moisture and other elements that could be corrosive.

Does it have a manual clutch or automatic?

The clutch will auto-engage when activated from the winch controller. It also has a patent pedning auto-engage twist.

While we are on the topic of the remote… Can you tell me if it is wired or not? Is it possible to have it wireless?

The standard stock option is a wired remote that will vibrate. However, you can upgrade to a wireless remote if you so desire.

I see they call this an Expedition grade winch. That means almost nothing to me. Can you tell me why this winch is so special?

The line speed is faster than other winches. The winch scores in the mid-40’s which, of course, is directly affected by capacity.

What else is great? I’m not completely sold on a faster line speed.

The electronics are fully potted like we said. We all know that not all winches are like this and if you are stuck in the mud, it is raining, or any other myriad of situations where debris or liquid could get in your winch then you will appreciate how important this is for your peace of mind.

Any other reasons I should be completely sold on a SuperWinch?

Yes. SuperWinches are easier on your rope. The last thing you want is for your rope to snap and SuperWinches do their best to make sure they do not by using reinforced drums, brakes in optimal positions, and a large radius Fatlip Hawse.

Ok, cool. Could you tell me about the rated pull line of this winch?

Sure, the winch has a rated line pull of 12,000 lbs or 3630 kgs.

You said the electronics are potted. Can I also assume that the electronic controls are also potted in the same way?

Yes. You are correct. The electrical controls are also potted including the solenoid/contactor.

You said that the stock version of the remote is wired. Can I ask how long that wire is?

The wired version of the remote is 15′.

What is the geartrain like?

The gear train of the SuperWinch EXP8Si is a 3-stage planetary set up.

Any idea what the gear ratio is?

Sure, the gear ratio of this winch is 154:29:1.

Anything special about the brake?

The brakes designed for this winch are a custom load holding gearbox end.

What else do you know about the rope?

The rope is 100′ of synethic rope.

What are the battery leads like? What can I expect?

The battery leads are 96″ (1.83m)x 2 gauge.

How many fused power ports can I expect to get?

You will get 2 power ports. They are fused and are 60amp. One is located on the rear and the other is on the right of the winch.

Do you have specifics about the drum?

The drum diameter/length is 63.4mm(tube)(Flange 6.25″) 218.5mm. Flange to flange.

What about the mounting bolt?

The pattern for the mounting bolts are 10″x 4.5″.

What is the weight of this winch?

The weight of this winch is 90lbs or 40.8 kg for those using the metric system.

The warranty of the winch is like…?

The warranty is a limited lifetime warranty. It also has 5 years of electrical warranty. You can see the owner’s manual to get more details if you need them.

Let’s go over performance specifics. If there is no load then what can I expect?

If you have no load then you can expect the winch to run at 74 amps and 46 FPM.

What if you increase the load by 2000 lbs?

The winch, at 2000 lbs. would use 240 amps and run 21.50 FPM.

What about at double the capacity?
The winch, running with 4000 capacity would use 240 amps and 15.50 FPM.

How bout if we up the capacity to 6000?

We would see 320 AMPS and 11.00 FPM.


You would see 400 AMPS and 8.75 FPM.


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Weight 53.5 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 10 × 7 in