Sway Bar End Link Bolts


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Why do I need these?

Not every sway bar comes with all the hardware you need to install the sway bar, unfortunately. If you are here then you are getting a sway bar that does not come with the bolts. These are the bolts you need for your vehicle and your project.

How many of these bolts are in the kit?

You get what you see in the picture. You should receive two bolts.

Any idea how you will ship this stuff out?

Based on the weight and size we can make an educated guess that the method will be USPS first class unless you request a faster shipping method and cover the cost of the upgraded shipping method. We may also pack the bolts in the box meant for the sway bar if they are ordered together.

Is this everything I need to finish the installation?

Yes. Everything else you need should be included with the sway bar package itself.

Which sway bars need these bolts again?

These bolts are for sway bars for which no factory sway bar exists.

Do I need specialized tools in order to install these?

Nope. It should use the same tools as any other bolt would. What you have in your toolbox is probably fine or you can probably get the proper tool for under $10 if you do not already have it in your toolbox.

So, this is just bolts, there are no bushings in this package?

Correct, the bushings should be the in the other package with the sway bar itself.

Will these bolts fit both 2500 and 3500?

Yes. The information we have on hand say that they will fit either model.

Are the bolts for the rear sway bar?

Yes. The bolts are intended to be used with the rear sway bar we have on our site. You can take a look at the product by clicking here.


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