ToughGuard Nano-Polymer Kit for Sprinter, Promaster, or Transit Vans


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ToughGuard Nano-Polymer Kit for Sprinter, Promaster, or Transit Vans

If I put this on my van then is it permanent? Am I going to be stuck with the current paint if I use this because I really was thinking about painting my van a different color.

You can remove the nano-polymer from your vehicle if you need to do so. The manufacturer says that a dilution of the polarizing wash should do the trick.

I’ve heard that silicone and Teflon are bad. I want to know if the Nano-polymer product or Polarizing Wash has either silicone or Teflon in them?

Fortunately, we can confirm that neither of these products contains silicone and/or Teflon products.

What does the Toughguard Nano-polymer coating actually do? What makes it so special?

The Nano-polymer product bonds with paint and makes it a somewhat permanent sealant. It is this fact that makes it a great product for maintaining the look of a vehicle for years after the product is applied.

Why wouldn’t I just use silicone to do the same thing?

Silicone has a very nasty habit of going through the paint and sticking itself to the metal substrates or aluminum it finds. If this happens then you will find that any repainting of the vehicle becomes extremely difficult. Paint does not stick well to silicone.

Doesn’t that mean that the stuff in Toughguard is toxic then?

ToughGuard is not toxic. The Polarizing wash and the Nano-polymer products are completely water-based and are capable of biodegrading over time.

I’ve heard that this product requires that you remove wax and other stuff from your vehicle. Is that true and why is it true?

The Nano-polymer coating needs to have a direct bond with the paint. If there are other sealants or wax on the vehicle then it will not bond correctly. It cannot get around the other sealants and perform the work as intended. What is even worse is that the Toughguard product will go away when the wax and/or other sealants get taken off the vehicle. You end up losing money on the proposition.

Alright, well, if this is so good then it has to be hard to put on my vehicle, right?

Actually, it is quite simple to apply. The product is water-based which means that you do not need as much elbow grease to apply it on your vehicle.

Q:  Do you use any additional detail sprays that supplement the hydrophobic surface properties? I know ToughGuard makes SpeedGuard as a ~6month wax alternative. Would it be useful to also apply this occasionally on top of the toughguard nano-polymer coating?


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