Toughguard FX-BV Exterior Trim Restorer


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Toughguard FX-BV Exterior Trim Restorer

What is ToughGuard?

ToughGuard is a Nano-Polymer product that bonds to the paint surface that needs protection. The surface being protected is thoroughly cleaned to remove oils and debris.

How does ToughGuard work?

The first step in the application process is prepping the surface with the Step 1 Polarizing wash that microscopically deep cleans the pores of the surface while setting a positive (Cationic) charge. The next step is applying the Step 2 Nano-Polymer coating which has a negative property. Once applied the “negative” Polymer will bond with the “positive” surface charge and result in a long-lasting bonded protective barrier. The nano or micron level of the Polymer is able to fill even the smallest surface voids…those on the micron level. Multiple layers of Polymer can be applied to ensure complete coverage and deepen the shine.

How long will ToughGuard last?

The resulting barrier will remain effective for 5 years.

What is the difference between ToughGuard and the rest of the other applications out there?

The positive/negative properties of ToughGuard ensure long-lasting bonded protection whereas other “non-binding” applications quickly wear off. The application process of ToughGuard® does require more time and effort but the end result is a protection that literally outshines and outlasts the competition!

Can you tell me how to apply ToughGuard?

First:  Thoroughly wash your vehicle with a strong detergent. Make sure all loose dirt, bug juice, road tar, grime, and grease is removed.

Second:   Wash your vehicle with the ToughGuard® Step 1 wash. This is a Polarizing wash that microscopically deep cleans the pores of the surface while setting a positive (Cationic) charge. The wash will remove any remaining wax or contaminants. Rinse and allow the surface to dry for step two.

Third:   Apply Step 2 ToughGuard® Nano-Polymer coating. This is a “cream” similar to a cream wax. The application requires only a thin film and a little of the product will go a long way. You can apply by using a clean lightly water-dampened applicator pad or buffing wheel. Let the coating dry for about 1 hour. This will allow ToughGuard® to set up and bond with the surface. It will haze over very similar to your conventional wax product. Remove the haze by hand using a clean microfiber cloth or polishing wheel. You can buy step 2 ToughGuard Nano-Polymer coating here.

Optional Step:   Repeat step three. This is optional but important because a second coat will deepen the shine and ensure durability. One 4 oz. ToughGuard® surface coating kit will cover your car or SUV 3-4 times. So, you could treat your vehicle twice or two vehicles once. A larger vehicle such as a Sprinter or Transit van will require just short of one 4oz kit. Remember, a little of the product will go a long way.

Can you tell me more about the FX-BV Exterior Trim Restorer? 

ToughGuard FX-BV is a Nano clear coat application that revitalizes and protects your vehicle or RV exterior trim and plastics. The application is as simple as spreading the clear coat solution with a sponge applicator or soft cloth. Unlike the widely available Silicon based applications, ToughGuard® FX-BV bonds with the exterior trim surface creating a UV protecting durable finish that will last for years. Below you can see the before and after application on an early model Dodge Sprinter that had badly, UV faded bumper fascia. This application was done in July of 2016 and as of March of 2019, it still looks as good as the day it was applied.

Toughguard NHP Exterior Trim Restorer

Are there any other ToughGuard products I should be aware of? 

Yes, there’s both the ToughGuard Nano-Polymer Kit as well as the Toughguard Speed Guard.

Does this ToughGuard product only work with one type of vehicle? 

No, all the listed ToughGuard products work with the following: All Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans, all Mercedes Benz Metris Vans, all RAM ProMaster Vans, and all Ford Transit Vans.


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