Toughguard Speed Guard for Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster Vans


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TOUGHGUARD Speed Guard for Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster Vans

Tough Guard Speed Guard 16oz usage

I don’t have good fabric to use with this product. Does it come with it? I hope it will but I bet it doesn’t at all.

The product you are looking at here actually comes with two microfiber cloths meant to be used in conjunction with this product. It is a complete kit that gives you just about everything you need.

I’ve heard this is easy to apply. Just how long does it take? I’m tired of waxing my vehicle over and over.

Speed Guard will apply, as long as the prep work of cleaning and drying the vehicle comes first, in 15 minutes or less.

I’ve heard that this product repels dirt and stuff like that. Is that true?

The way the formula is designed means that it has a much better chance of deflecting that irritating dirt than other sealant products.

Tough Guard Speed Guard 16oz usage on vehicle

Why is that that it works that way?

The nanotechnology means that it gets into the micropores in your paint and fills those holes up. The fact that those areas are filled means that dirt has fewer places to hold on to your vehicle which leaves your vehicle shiny for years to come.

I’m worried about sun damage to my vehicle’s paint. Is this going to protect my car against the sun?

Yes. The product is meant to protect your vehicle from dirt and UV rays that would age and discolor your paint.

The bottle looks smallish. Can you tell me how many times I can use it?

If you get the 16oz bottle then that should be enough to cover a medium sized car. Remember that this product lasts for years so you really do not need much more than that if you have a medium sized car or smaller.

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