ToughGuard Vinyl & Leather Protectant


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ToughGuard Vinyl & Leather Protectant

 What is ToughGuard?

ToughGuard is a Nano-Polymer product that bonds to the vinyl and leather surface that needs protection. The surface being protected is thoroughly cleaned to remove debris and keep it stain free.

What is the difference between ToughGuard and the rest of the other applications out there?

The positive/negative properties of ToughGuard ensure long-lasting bonded protection whereas other “non-binding” applications quickly wear off. The application process of ToughGuard® does require more time and effort but the end result is a protection that literally outshines and outlasts the competition!

Can you tell me how to apply the ToughGuard Vinyl and Leather Protectant?

For brand new vinyl and leather: 

  • Wet a sponge with the vinyl & leather protectant and apply in smooth even strokes. Do not scrub or try to rub into the vinyl or leather surface. Avoid making foam. Allow drying for about 30 minutes.

For used vinyl and leather:

  • Clean surfaces to be treated by scrubbing with a mixture of household ammonia and any strong household detergent, with a ratio of one cup detergent and ammonia to 4 litres of water. Rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply the vinyl & leather protectant as instructed in applying to new vinyl & leather.

Can you tell me what exactly the ToughGuard Vinyl and Leather Protectant protects? 

Yes, the ToughGuard Fabric Protectant is designed to protect vinyl and leather against stains and spots. It also prevents dulling, fading, cracking, and dye transfer while it never yellows.

Are there any other ToughGuard products I should be aware of? 

Yes, there’s the ToughGuard Nano-Polymer Kit, Toughguard Speed Guard, the Toughguard FX-BV Exterior Trim Restorer, and the ToughGuard Fabric Protectant. 

Does this ToughGuard product only work with one type of vehicle? 

No, all the listed ToughGuard products work with the following: All Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans, all Mercedes Benz Metris Vans, all RAM ProMaster Vans, and all Ford Transit Vans.



  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Harmful if swallowed
  • Non-Flammable


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