TRIGGER 4 PLUS Wireless Accessory Control


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TRIGGER 4 PLUS Wireless Accessory Control – 2100

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What is this thing?

This is a wireless accessory control system with 4 switch ports.

What does it do?

This product makes it easy to install any 12-volt accessory.  The TRIGGER Accessory Control System substantially saves installation time of your electronic accessories by eliminating the need to run wires under the dash or through the firewall of a vehicle when wiring accessories.

Neat! Is there anything else the TRIGGER Accessory Control System can do?

Yep! In addition, it has an RF remote control for activating installed accessories from outside the vehicle and for dimming/flashing functions for installed lighting. It will also notify you of blown fuses by using LED indicators.

I’ve heard you can use several accessory controllers at the same time… how does this work? Is there some kind of limit? 

Yep, that is true. All you have to do is plug them into each other. You can use several together to control up to 24 accessories.

How many switch ports does this control system come with? 

This control system comes with 4 switch ports. This includes:

  • Two 10 amp fused circuits w/12-24 Volt output
  • Two 30 amp fused circuits w/12-24 Volt output

Seems like a pretty good deal… is there any vehicle fitment requirements I should be aware of? 

Nope! This system will work fine with any vehicle.

Is there any specific place I should put this thing?

Nope! You can place it either inside or outside of your vehicle and you will still be able to use it due to its Bluetooth remote. It can be mounted practically anywhere as it can withstand water, heat, vibration, and more.

What kind of input does this controller accept? 

This controller accepts 12-24 volt input.

I heard you can control this thing with a smartphone app? Can you tell me more about this? 

Yep! Go to and follow the links on their website to download it. You can use the app to turn the system as well as individual switches on and off. The app also keeps track of your battery’s voltage and will shut it down if it gets too low. On top of these, the app allows for dimming and strobe controls.

What if I don’t have a smartphone… will I still be able to control this thing? 

Don’t worry! This system features manual controls as well as Bluetooth controls.

Do you guys have any installation instructions for this? 

We do not currently have any, but this product will ship with installation instructions.




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