VB-SemiAir Comfort Air Spring Suspension Kit for 2015 or Newer Ford Transit Vans


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VB-SemiAir Comfort Air Spring Suspension Kit for 2015 or Newer Ford Transit Vans

What’s the big difference between this and other types of airbag suspension kits?

The semi version allows the driver to adjust the suspension as they see fit.

What kinds of things can the driver control?

They can control things like ride height. They can also adjust the left and right sides to make sure that their vehicle is ready to compensate in variations of weight distribution because of uneven load bearing on either side.

Can I use a compressor with this setup?

The answer from the manufacturer is yes. You can use a compressor if you so desire.

Are there limits to how much I can adjust my vehicle?

Yes. Obviously, there are some limits you should not go beyond and the system will not let you go past those levels if that would be dangerous.

Where does the airbag go if it is only “semi” an airbag kit?

The air spring is placed between the chassis and the rear axle. The design of this air spring means that it can support your existing leaf spring.

Is this a one or two-chamber system?

It is a two-chamber system.

What does that even mean? I don’t even know what a one-chamber system does.

A two-chamber system means that the two air springs are not connected to each other.

What does that do for me?

It allows you to operate the left and right sides independently of each other. You do not have to have the pressures symmetrical which means that if your weight distribution is uneven then it can be evened out by the system manually.

So if I have it evened out by this air spring then it will be harder for people to tell that it is loaded unevenly then?

Correct. It will look like the weight is evenly distributed to most people who see your vehicle as long as it is evened out correctly through the manual controls.

How quickly does this thing install?

It is a plug and play system. It will install very quickly when compared to the installation methods of other suspension systems.

What does the comfort system have?

It has a VB-SemiAir basic system. It also has a control panel.

What is on that control panel?

It has 2 pressure gauges, a heavy-duty compressor, 2 low and high switches, and 2 pressure gauges.

What does the pressure gauge measure in?

It uses the in bar method of measurement.

How does that bar thing relate to PSI? I’ more used to seeing PSI.

1 bar is one atmosphere of pressure. One bar is also equal to 14.5 PSI.

What are those low and high switches?

They are switches that let you lower or raise the height of your Ford Transit.

Where does the control panel go?

You will be getting the B/LCV version which means that the control panel will be fitted on your driver seat.

What kind of valves does the onboard gauge meter have?

They are Schrader valves.

What kind of compressor does the comfort package actually have?

It has a 12-volt compressor.

Is there anything I should know before I get this product?

There are some engine types where the factory-supplied exhaust must be modified in order to use this product. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not go into more depth about this fact and that is all the information we have about that fact.


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