Ram Promaster Van Grille Guard By Exguard®

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2014-2020 RAM ProMaster Van EX-Guard® Grille Guard

This EX-Guard® Grille Guard is compatible with all RAM ProMaster Vans made after 2014.

This product ships via freight, all orders must be shipped to a commercial location with a dock for unloading. No exceptions. Contact us for details.
Compatibility: All RAM ProMaster Vans made between 2014-2020
Manufacturer: EX-Guard®

  • Designed to protect from animal impacts

  • Approximately 120 lbs

  • Compatible with collision avoidance systems

  • Manufactured out of 12 Gauge Steel

  • Available in black or silver

  • Made in the USA, Manufactured by EX-Guard®

  • Clear instructions included

    • Roughly 1 hour installation time with minor fascia cutting to access frame

    • Modification to the bumper molding is required

The EX-Guard® RAM ProMaster Van Grille Guard is a front end protection system that is designed to help protect from and minimize animal impact damage. The EX-Guard® is the same type of Grille Guard used on semi-trucks for years and is not built just for looks - the EX-Guard RAM ProMaster Van Grille Guard is made out of steel and is much stronger than the aluminum or other grille guard/brush guard combos meant for aesthetics.

The EX-Guard® RAM ProMaster Van Grille Guard is a direct frame mount. It is manufactured out of high-strength, durable 12 Gauge Steel. The EX-Guard® RAM ProMaster Van Grille Guard is also powder-coated to prevent chipping after minor impacts and from rusting.