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Ram Promaster Windowz Insulation Set 3pc Front Cab Seats

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A-Z Covers makes high quality window insulation sets, bug screens and Aqualon winshield covers, including the Ram Promaster Windowz Insulation Set 3pc Front Cab Seats. The entire line is made in the USA and designed to help you keep the outside, outside. Started in 2010 by some Sprinter Van owners themselves, A-Z builds for those who take charge of their next adventure, and makes quality upgrades for vans as well as class B & C motorhomes.


RAM ProMaster 3 Piece Front Cab Set Windowz Insulation
This product is compatible with all RAM ProMaster Vans.
Please note that this item only ships free to the Contiguous United States. It does not include Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or the other USA territories.

What years of the RAM Promaster does this insulation fit?
The product you are looking at here will fit all years of the RAM Promaster van.

Are there particular models of the Promaster van that this insulation kit will fit?
Yes. The product will fit 1500, 2500, and 3500 versions of the ProMaster van.

Does the insulation kit do anything about condensation?
Yes. The manufacturer says that this product will remove condensation from the window.

Sunlight keeps getting in my eyes when I'm lounging around in my van. Will this insulation help me avoid that?
The insulation is made to be reflective. The sunlight will be reflected back out instead of hitting your eyes as long as you properly place the product from within your van.

What kind of insulation is this?
It is R16 insulation.

What does an R16 value even mean?
Basically, the higher the R-value is the more that the product insulates per inch of thickness. The R-value is a measure of resistance to the ability of heat to flow.

Could you give me a ballpark so I can figure out how good this insulation is?
Most wall insulation that you find in houses ranges between R11 to RR28 depending on the density level purchased.

That's all great and all but all I want is for people to stop looking at me. Is this product going to do that for me?
As long as you do a good job of covering your window then people will have an extremely hard time looking into your van. The other plus is that you will have ample control over the climate in your vehicle than ever before.

How does this product stay in my window?
The window insulation includes velcro tabs that you use to keep the insulation attached to your window.

Wait, am I putting these inside my van or outside my van?
You will place these inside your van where they cannot be stolen.

What do I do when I am not using these insulation pieces?
The product will roll up when you are not using them.

How many pieces does this thing come in when I get it?
You get 3 pieces in this kit. The pieces of the kit are as follows: passenger front window insulation, windshield insulation, and a driver front window insulation as well.

CAB INSULATION FOR 2006 AND OLDER (2002-2006) 6006B,CAB INSULATION FOR 2007 AND NEWER (2007-2019) 6007N